[LIVESTREAM] People’s Television Government Television


The country’s government television network began operations on February 2, 1974 as Government Television (GTV-4) through the National Media Production Center. The government channel was first headed by Lito Gorospe and later by the then-Press Secretary during the Marcos Administration, Francisco Tatad. 

It was renamed Maharlika Broadcasting System in 1980 under the leadership of NMPC Minister Grego Cendana, at the same time the network began broadcasting in full color, thus it was the last national network to transition to color broadcasting. By then, it began expanding with the opening of provincial stations nationwide, including 2 stations in Cebu and Bacolod who once owned by pre-martial law ABS-CBN. 

Following the People Power Revolution in 1986 on which it was taken over by pro-Corazon Aquino soldiers and supporters, it was, during that very historic event in national history, officially rebranded as People’s Television (PTV) at the same time. It later became the national network for the broadcasts of the 1988 Summer Olympics.

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