Who could be NBA Final’s MVP?

Scored 5 points in game 5

:PTS=50 FG%=.513 3P%=.429 FT% =.667 MP/G=34.6 PPG=12.5 TRB=5.5 AST=2.0 STL= 0.8 BLK= 0.3


Do not count the Cavalier out next to the mathematically possibility of winning Lebron James or Kyrie Irving can snatch series MVP base on their spectacular performances. The Lakers’ Jerry West, won his NBA Finals MVP award in 1969 despite the Lakers’ 4-3 series loss to Boston and is the only NBA player to have earned the award while playing on the losing team. This record is not safe even it’s 47 years old.


PTS= points  FG%= fiedlgoals percentage  3P%= 3 points percentage  FT% =Free throw percentage MP/G=Minutes Played  PPG=Points per Game TRB=Total Rebounds  AST/G=assist STL/G=Steals BLK/G=Block Shots


Shaun is the epitome of 6th man. His current productin is 400x than his total Final’s output form last year – that’s an incredible package.


Barnes, is the playing the game of his life and his quality minutes shows why his numbers are aces to Kerr’s sleeves

PTS=48 PPG=9.5FG%=.563 3P%=.000 FT% =.500 MP/G=27.5 TRB=9.3 AST=050 STL= 0.3 BLK= 0.5

Scored 6 points in game 5

Suspended in game 5, be back in game 6

Complete Stats: PTS=59 FG%=.417 3P%=.318 FT% =.706 MP/G=38.1 PPG=14.8 TRB=9.3 AST=5.8 STL= 1.8 BLK= 1.3


Trsitan, may not be as explosives as all the other nominees but his effectiveness can make or break the team chances. The close contest like that of game 4 usually can be measured of how the caliber of Tristan can balance the ecology of winning

Scored 7 points in game 5

Complete Stats_PTS=40 FG%=.640 3P%=.000 FT% =.889 MP/G=22.3 PPG=10.8 TRB=3.8 AST=3.0 STL= 0.3 BLK= 0.5

Injured in Game 5 might not play the rest of the series

PTS=40 FG%=.500 3P%=.385 FT% =.333 MP=32 .4 PPG=10 .0 TRB=5.0 AST=4.0 STL= 0.5 BLK= 0.8

DRAYMOND GREEN:.Highlights : PTS=59 PPG=14.8 TRB=9.3

Draymond is the triple double specialist who pestered LeBron James in the series, reminds us how Dennis Rodman handcuff Malone in the 90s memorable championship of the great Chicago Bulls. He was suspended in game 5 butwillbe back on Game 6 on a road games.

Game 5 scores: 41

Game 5 scores: 41

Complete Stats: PTS=140 FG%=.482 3P%=.313 FT% =.706 MP=40 .0 PPG=24 .8 TRB=11.0 AST=8.32 STL= .3 BLK= 1.8

KYRIE IRVING Highlights= PTS=141 PPG=28.2

-Kyrie’s output is a hairline up from their team’s superstar if they can make a miraculous comeback he has a good case to snatch the award. Game 5 is one of his finest moment.

Complete Stats: PTS=100 FG%=.427 3P%=.300 FT% =.900 MP=37.7 PPG=25.0 TRB=3.5 AST=4.3 STL= 2.5 BLK= 0.3

ANDRE IGOUDALA Highlights= PTS=40 PPG=10 .0

Andre was last year FInal’s MVP his efforts on this series is never questioned he may not surprise us all in this series. Updates: he is currently injured after suffering form a bad fall in game 5

Game 5 scores 37

Complete Stats: PTS=98 FG%=.404 3P%=.345 FT% =.750 MP=31 .5 PPG=15 .3 TRB=3.3 AST=2.3 STL= 1.0 BLK= 0.8

LEBRON JAMES Highlights= Total Points PTS=140 PPG=28

-Lebron , beyond his statistics is the hungriest predator among the basketball beast on the court. His 6 trips in the finals wil be quesitoned and linger more than anyone who will get the Larry O’brien and the series MVP after all he is the KING

Complete Stats: PTS=111 FG%=.438 3P%=.447 FT% =.929 MP=32 .8 PPG=21 .5 TRB=5.0 AST=4.8 STL= 1.0 BLK= 0.3

CLAY THOMPSON: Highlights= PTS=98 PPG=19.6

 -Klay being the 2nd piece of the “Splash Brothers” literally lead the team to finals during the dreaded days in the Western play-offs Championship. His game 5 is a testament of what he can do it again.

Scored 25 points in Game 5

STEPHEN CURRY: Highlights= Total Points= 111 Points Per Game=22.2

The reigning back to back MVP did not exploded during the first two games but he shown his mantle when it matters, on the road winning pivotal games, this is why he is the season’s MVP.

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