Documents You Need To Check When Buying A Used Car

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Permits & Taxes

While buying a used car, do check for the taxes applicable with traffic department which the first owner or the new owner would have to bear. Usually, any permits or taxes applicable by individual authorities, depending if the car is used as a commercial vehicle, is the liability of the first owner. If any of such permits or taxes are applicable on the car you are about to purchase, do check for them. In case the first owner has not paid them on time, you might have to bear a big amount with would be multiplied with the interest over the time. Surely, that is something we won’t suggest. Just check these things thoroughly and save yourself from any predictable trouble.

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Car Purchase Invoice

Though you are asking for a registration certificate, it is essential to have the original car purchase invoice with you. This is a mandate especially when you are purchasing a car from an individual. In case the car is too old or the original owner doesn’t have the original purchase invoice, you can grab a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner. In case you are purchasing it from a pre-owned cars dealership, you will get a new bill. Check that the bill has no overwriting on it and it would be better if it is a printed bill. 

Service Booklet

Every new car, irrespective of brand and segment, comes with a service booklet. This booklet has all the instructions provided by the respective manufacturer which can make your drives much convenient in that car. The service book has intensive instructions for maintenance and servicing of the car so that it may serve you longer. Also, this book is a record of service history which would finally help you in knowing the condition of the car you are about to buy. A car should be regularly serviced to maintain the efficiency and aesthetics and what better can reveal the actual condition other than an authentic document by the service center in the form of service book.


Now this is one document which most of the people ignore and then have to face problems with traffic authorities, especially while driving on highways. Firstly, you should check that the used car you are about to buy carries an insurance policy which has decent validity with it so that you may not have to rush to the insurance office next day of purchase to renew it. Also, since you will be the new owner, don’t forget to transfer the papers in your name else it would be a tough job when you have to claim a case of an accident. While transferring the insurance policy, you should check that the premium has been paid on a regular basis since its first purchase, the expiry date of the policy and if insurance has ever been claimed for the said car. Also, check if the car has a comprehensive or a third-party insurance. If the insurance is lapsed or the premium is due in a couple of days, you can negotiate with the seller for reducing the price of the car.

Registration Certificate

The registration certificate is the most important document and is a mandate for new as well as pre-owned vehicles. This document has all the vital information about the vehicle and the owner and which is verified by the dealer. This certificate is provided by the Department of Transportation & Communications, Republic of Manila and it is advised to cross check the certificate with the said office while purchasing a pre-owned car to confirm the authenticity. A vehicle registration certificate has vehicle’s engine number and chassis number which should be essentially matched with the actual vehicle. If the car is too old or the engine has been changed due to an accident or any other reason, the same should be there is the new registration certificate. Though, this is a time consuming process, owing to that the certificate has to be cross checked with a government office, but the buyers are advised not to skip it for their own good.

Used cars market is the most flourishing segment these days. With automakers increasing the prices for their updated models and used drives are available in good conditions, any customer would surely give it a thought. Buying a used car is not a piece of cake. Just like you, there are so many customers who want to own a second hand car, for numerous reasons, but skeptical about certain things. The biggest task in this process is to verify the papers. Surely, not everyone knows the importance of paperwork while purchasing used cars and not everyone has the idea about what papers are essential during making this kind of transaction.

For your convenience, here we have compiled a list of papers, you would require to check and verify while purchasing a used car. Whether you purchase it from an individual or from a garage, the new owner should have these papers on hand to avoid any trouble in future. So, if you are about to purchase a pre-owned car, have a look at the following papers which should essentially check –

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