Official Statement of Davao Del Norte Rep. Antonio ‘Tonyboy’ Floirendo Jr.


Official Statement of Davao Del Norte Rep. Antonio 'Tonyboy' Floirendo Jr.

The turn of events all started with the rumor that I was behind a plot to oust Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and have him replaced by former president and now Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I did not give any statement then to defend myself as there was no truth to it at all. I never attempted to talk to Arroyo nor would I ever support any plot to oust Speaker Alvarez who, in the first place, is a good friend of mine and whom I fully supported during the last election and in his bid for the speakership.

If ever there is an iota of truth to the ouster plot, I am 100% not a part of it.

Let me make it clear that Speaker Bebot and I have no fight with each other. If ever there is a conflict, it could be likened to a brotherly misunderstanding which I am sure would be patched up in no time at all. And would like everyone to know that I tried and reached out to him but he refused to talk to me since this all started.

Admittedly I am hurt with the action of Speaker Alvarez against me. It not only affects me but also my family as well as the people of Davao del Norte. But that’s politics. What is important is that I know deep down my conscience that I have not done anything wrong nor have I committed any criminal act.

I welcome any complaint to be filed against me and I am ready to face them with a clear conscience. I still offer a hand of friendship to Speaker Alvarez amidst all that happened for the benefit of the people of Davao del Norte. And to show my full support to the Duterte administration that is doing amazingly well for the past nine months.

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