President Duterte leads PSG change of command ceremony


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte led the change of command ceremony of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) at the Malacañang Park on Thursday, March 23.

President Duterte has appointed his senior military adviser, Army Col. Lope Dagoy as the new head of his security replacing Brig. Gen. Rolando Bautista.

The Chief Executive opened his keynote speech by recognizing several members of the PSG who were wounded in an ambush last November in Marawi.

“Your government will ensure that their needs, your needs are taken care of as you rest and recover from your injuries. If this incident tells you anything it is that the risk and dangers of being a member of the Presidential Security Group are all too real,” he said.

Duterte also said the reforms undertaken by his administration will ensure busy days for the prestigious unit.

“There are those who were upset by the administration’s reforms. There are those whose lives have been affected by our people’s war against crime, corruption, and the illegal drugs. These are the people who do not wish to see me or the Philippines succeed,” he said.

He said he is fully convinced of the competence of the incoming PSG chief.

“The incoming PSG Commander Colonel Lope Dagoy will have his hands full. I am confident that his outstanding credentials and considerable experience will enable him to lead the PSG effectively,” he said.

“I fully entrust the protection of myself and my family to him and to the entire PSG,” he added.

The President, meanwhile, acknowledged the contribution of Bautista in improving the PSG.

He said the organization is “in good order” citing several upgrades and improvements such as procurement of equipment and vehicles and extensive training for troopers locally and abroad, which have been implemented during the past nine months.

He likewise noted the PSG’s deeper involvement in the communities as they participate in activities that develop their social skills, promote a health lifestyle and encourage civilian engagement.

“These have made the PSG stronger, more dependable, more competent and encourage civilian engagement. These have made the PSG stronger and it will be so for all time,” he said.

In closing, he expressed confidence that the PSG will have his back and will stand by the government in pursuing task of bringing prosperity, order and security to the country. PND

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