Cuteness Overload Is It Enough?

A handsome guy will open your eyes An intelligent guy will open your mind A gentleman will open your heart My crush was cuteness overload but but but and so many buts…. My ex was sexy, yummy and ta…


Cuteness Overload Is It Enough?

My crush was cuteness overload but but but and so many buts….

My ex was sexy, yummy and tall but but but and so many buts……

My ex husband was handsome but but but and so many buts……

In spite of all those qualities still they are all EX! lol

What really is enough to look for to have a better and long lasting relationship? It is really hard to tell, because as we know it is not easy to teach our heart to whom we are going to fall in love. But there are some signs that we need to understand as early or even as young as we are. When we are young we don’t usually listen to what our parents was telling us about a guy who is pursuing us or about our boyfriend. We thought that we are right and we are the only one knows our boyfriend as a person. But I realized it is wrong, it is really correct to say that parents knows best (but not all the time). Now that I am a parent I know and I perfectly understand now how a parent can say “you will never have a better future with that guy”  when the time past by and we learned a lot from our own experiences we can read people’s behaviour by gestures, by the look and the way they talk mostly young ones. We felt bad when our parents are against our boyfriend,  if you are in this situation try to analyse the “why” behind, because I believe they see things that we don’t and in a different point of view. They have been through a lot and you are just starting. It is good to have a word with them and find out what are the reasons behind why they do not like your boyfriend – I hope I had the courage to do this decades ago hahahaha “but life has no rewind!”

High school life was really the memorable ones. We thought that life was just like that, simple and full of excitement. Just a snap with our crush and our life seems so complete. Crush has the possibility of misleading our teens, some are really getting deeper and they thought that is love and they will die if they lose this person. Yes this happens, without the guidance and oneself realization this is dangerous and there is a tendency to ruin teen’s future.

Physical attraction sometimes makes us blind. We know from the beginning there is something wrong but still because of that intense attaction we still continue and never worry of any consequences. We don’t care, we are inlove, wea are blind.

What is life after cuteness……….

What is life when love is no longer intense……..

What is life when he is not interested anymore…………

What is life if there are financial issues………..

What is life if there are children involve………….

And so forth………

  Falling in love is so easy, maintaining that love is difficult.

So physical attraction is not enough. There are so many aspects in life that accompanies relationship. How you will manage those aspects it is all in your hand. We need to be wise enough like others do, there are many successful couples out there that can be a role model or maybe you can a have chat with them to at least get some ideas on how they are maintaining their healthy relationship. For sure there are secrets but be ready to hear that there are a lot of sacrifices behind that success.

So next time when you see a cute guy just ignore him and say “ummm your just cute” hahahaha

Thank you for reading cutie pies 🙂



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