Top 10 Companies in the Philippines 2017 – Jobstreet

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1. Meralco

Top factor: Job security

Based on the results, Jobstreet concludes that these choices indicate employees are interested in long-term gains such as career growth offerings and promotions, as well as career-enhancing training and development opportunities. Rather than the salary range, job security is now the primary consideration of jobseekers.

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3. Google Philippines

Top Factor: Multinational company

2. San Miguel Corporation

Top Factor: Global reach

4. Nestlé Philippines

Top Factor: Multinational company

7. Procter & Gamble Philippines

Top Factor: Multinational company

In a series of surveys conducted by in May 2017, Filipino jobseekers ranked the companies that possess the qualities they look for in a local employer. According to Jobstreet country manager Philip Gioca, the leading company ranked best in job security, in work-life balance, and in benefits. An employee also said that the company takes good care of its employees and that it knows how to motivate its workforce and provide its needs.

With a total of 3,658 respondents, let us see who made it to the list and what factors made them a “company to work for”.

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5. Accenture Philippines

Top Factor: Multinational company

6. BDO Unibank

Top Factor: Homegrown company

10. Unilever Philippines

Top Factor: Multinational company


Top Factor: Perks and benefits


Top Factor: Talented workforce

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