Hundreds Join #BidaAngHanda National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill at SM City Rosales

On February 15, 2018, over 600 participants composed of employees,tenants, affiliates and shoppers of SM City Rosales are expected to ‘Drop,Cover and Hold’ as they participate in the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill which is designed to raise awareness about earthquake risks and the ways people can stay safe when the ground starts shaking.

The drill focuses on the “Drop, Cover and Hold”protective actions people should take when an earthquake begins: “Drop” down to the floor, take “Cover” under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture, and“Hold” on until the shaking stops.

The drill and evacuation started at 2 PM and lasted for 13minutes as recorded in the command center. Participants were directed to observe the Duck, Cover and Hold position as the alarm sounded. Mall’s emergency rescue group facilitated the evacuation procedures.

Immediately after the drill, a debriefing was conducted to further improve the performance of the mall in responding to disaster led by SM City Rosales Mall Manager, Herald D. Eleria and Customer Service Relations Manager Ariel Alkonga.

“Drop, Cover and Hold": designed to prepare people for an actual earthquake.

SM City Rosales officials gave a briefing to all participants regarding the evacuation procedures that was observed during the drill.

The earthquake preparation drill teaches “Drop, Cover and Hold” as the appropriate protective action.

Office employees hide under their desks during an earthquake preparedness drill on February 15, 2017 at SM City Rosales.

Employees at SM City Rosales evacuate the building during the drill.

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