How to get a cheap and authentic World Cup Kit

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The FIFA World Cup is perhaps the biggest deal in any self respecting football fan. Even if you aren’t a diehard Ronaldo worshipper, it is insanely difficult to separate yourself from the rage that is World Cup related.

In fact the World Cup has got to be the most coveted marketing campaign season for every sports manufacturer and retailer. You can find your favourite team’s World Cup kit on sale practically everywhere and anywhere at strikingly competitive rates. Which doesn’t really come as a surprise when you can no longer tell between authentic merchandise and fake as Sneakerfreaker recently reported 750,000 dollars worth of fake sneakers and goods were seized in the Philippines.

Not to worry, we understand your predicament and put up a list of tips to finding your team’s World Cup kit (the authentic one of course!) for cheap.

Online Shopping

How far can you trust online shopping is a popular question whenever the topic comes to mind. There are far more World Cup dupes available online to be honest. However when shopping online, you tend to save more money. In terms of authenticity, take a good look at the e-commerce retailers you choose to shop at.

For starters, Zalora is a certified e-commerce retailer which provides authentic goods. When you shop for World Cup kit here, you can apply discount codes and cash-back options to secure a better deal for your team kit without going broke.

Compare prices

The golden rule passed on by each and every one’s mother before purchasing any item above 100 pesos – always compare prices before paying up. With online shops, price comparisons are made easier with websites such as PricePanda but then again sites like these often list down all the available options for World Cup kits without narrowing down which are original goods and which aren’t.

Online savings platform, CupoNation Singapore, even did us all a favour by compiling the prices for authentic World Cup jerseys from different sportswear manufacturers to find that Umbro was officially the cheapest of the lot.

Save at Retail Stores

Which brings us to the next point. If you prefer to shop offline, we would strongly suggest that you start signing up for memberships in store – you will always be updated via email, text, etc on the latest discounts when you do which will again, help you save on your next World Cup jersey purchase. Without these updates, we tend to miss the special members discount train and end up stuck with paying full price or even worse, double the price during peak World Cup season. Trust us, once the Cup is over, no one will be looking for a Mohamad Salah jersey.

Hit the factory outlet

YLast but not least, if you’re still seeking out a World Cup jersey without spending a ton of money, you should really check out the factory outlets such as the Nike Factory Store or The Playground Premium Outlet.

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