Starbucks increases beverage prices across PH

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Starbucks coffee increases its beverages by Php5-Php10. According to the statement of Starbucks PH, the 8 to 10 percent price hike is part of a periodic increase by the company.

“We periodically evaluate pricing to balance our need to run the business profitably while providing maximum value to our loyal customers and to attract new customers,” Starbucks PH said.

“Our last store-wide beverage price increase occurred last December 2016. The adjustment was P5 for our handcrafted beverages,” company added.

It is a bad news for coffee lovers and loyal customers of Starbucks that patronize the annual Starbucks planner. Nevertheless, loyal customers may use their own mugs and tumblers to save atleast Php5 per drink.

Aside from Starbucks, other coffee companies such as Seattle-based coffee, also increased its beverage prices for the first time in the Philippines in two years.

A cup of Starbucks coffee now costs more

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