Art Guma’s manager releases statement on PBB OTSO Housemate’s alleged scandal


First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the text votes and overwhelming support you have shown for Art. On behalf of his family, Thank you very much.

Our Journey with Art is far from over, with the negative publicity that had damaged our Art’s reputation has affected his fan based support. However, please do not let us lower down our guards, narrow-minded people with the malicious intent to destroy not only one’s reputation but an entire life will always be lurking all over the country. Art will need your faith and loyalty to stay strong in this competition. Art will do his best to stay in the house and he will do this not only for his family and friends but for all his supporters.

Know that your efforts will never be wasted. Let us Continue to support him. Let us Bombard the news feeds on Facebook, IG and Twitter will all the positive traits of Art. Let us share to the world how we appreciate his Genuine heart and personality as he shares this to us through PBB. As we all know, most girls have voted Art sighting their negative comments about him. so let us use that as a motivation, to prove to the world that he needs more time for them to really know him well, that despite people judging him, he is a person with a kind heart and compassionate personality.

Let us stop arguing with Art’s bashers, because the more we do, the more they will be fueled to share the fake video and alleged scandal. Instead let us share pics of Art smiling, doing good thins inside the PBB house and so on. Let it be for every negative post we see about Art, let us have 5 positive posts about him in IG, Twitter and Facebook, Let us not stop reminding people that its not about the bad things in life that is important but how we all strive hard to be a better person each day which Art is doing now inside the PBB house every day.

As we all know, Lie has such a big vote score difference and Art was just 2 percent higher than of Josh. This means we need to work double time and extra hard to defend our Beloved Art Guma, and we hope that he will stay longer inside the house despite the hate of mindless people towards him.

Remember Art’s faith depends on us all. Thank you.

-Erique Mendoza, Art Guma’s Manager

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