Different type of Diseases

With the change in our lifestyle or food habits, we are prone to different kinds of diseases. Some diseases are recognizable, and some are not, sometimes when we make delay in showcasing the disease to the doctor, the same disease becomes a larger one.

There are different types of disease which are mentioned below like:

  • Communicable Disease- The disease which transfers from one person to another person in the form of a virus or any other constraint is called as a communicable disease. For example- cold is transferred from one person to another so cold is a communicable disease.
  • Non–communicable Disease- The disease which does not affect any healthy person, for example- if a person is suffering from loose motion, the other person in the family need to be worry regarding the passing of the disease because it is non-communicable.
  • Idiopathic Disease- Idiopathic Disease is the disease which source is unknown.
  • Genetic Disease-/strong> Genetic Disease is the disease which is transferred from the parents or the forefathers. For example- Turner syndrome, Down syndrome, etc are the example of genetic disease.
  • Acute Disease- The disease which lasts for a short span of time and is easy to cure.
  • Chronic Disease- The chronic disease is the one which lasts approximately up to 6 months, and this type of disease takes a certain time to be cured.
  • Iatrogenic Disease- The disease which occurred due to some other medical treatment. For example- if an individual is on medical treatment let’s say ‘X’ disease, but with treatment for the same disease, it has been found that the person has acquired the certain virus through the needle of the injection or any other medicines. This is called as iatrogenic disease.
  • Congenital Disease- Congenital Disease are those disease the disease which is occurred and is present during the time person has taken birth. It can occur or have been transferred from the mother.
  • Morbidity- It is a state of disability, or poor mental health may be due to some factors. 


There are different types of cause for different types of disease which are mentioned below:

  • Airborne cause- The disease can be caused due to airborne a factor which is transferred through the air and different pathogens. 

  • Foodborne causes- It is caused due to various illnesses related to food infections which results in conterminous food. For example- Different junk food or fast foods are prone to many mosquito and bees, this, when consumed, leads to various foodborne diseases like loose motion, diarrhea, etc.

Infection can be generated from the various source, and it is our duty to take care of our health and understand the good source of where to buy the medicines. The market analysis and market research are must before buying any medicines. Health is something which we cannot take any risk. PharmaQuotes help you understand what the type of disease is, what are its causes and which medicines are to be taken.

People often get confused with the website, they think the concerned website sell medicines, but that's not true it helps in providing information about medicines.

The different features of online pharmacies that you should be aware of are as follows:

  • They provide Free-card-Some online pharmacies provide free consumer cards. It helps an individual or a person to save approximately on an average up to 75 percent. It is acceptable in almost all drug stores.

  • Free-card can be claimed over insurance- This card is one of the added advantages over insurance. For example- If the constraint is covered over insurance no doubt, he/she will receive the benefits but if this card covers the higher cost, nothing like it, this card can be used over the insurance card.

  • The compulsion of showcasing the prescription- The person cannot access the concerned website and get the benefit from it unless and until they have a valid prescription with an undersigned signed. This is compulsory because there are many cases which lead to the consuming of sleeping pills.

  • Eligibility- The eligible persons are the one who wants to afford medication and are having an appropriate prescription and medical certificate.

  • Privacy and Security-They take care of all your privacy and security; the personal information is safe with the constraint. They do not share personal information with any other third parties or generate any business.

  • They provide information regarding how to diffuse the medicines- Often we dispose the medicines in flush, or we throw it in the dustbin. But the constraint recommends that the medicines should not be flushed or must not be disposed of by throwing into the dustbins. As a poor person or any child may take and eat the same. Intake of medicines without any information, without understanding the expiry date may be harmful to the health and can attract various diseases.

  • They provide certain information depending upon the seasons- winter, summer and other seasons have different medical hacks. In summer it is highly essential to be hydrated and drink more and more water likewise in winter, it is recommended to have plenty amount of fruits and leafy vegetables this helps in smoothening of the skin and prevent the same from dryness.

  • A summary about Antibiotics- Antibiotics cannot be just taken like over the counter medicines. You need to have proper information before going on medication via antibiotics.  The heavy dosage or the lesser dosage either way are harmful.


Health is one of the precious wealth for an individual if we don't take care of our health, life becomes difficult. Medications, medicines, antibiotics, and drugs must be chosen properly, must be well consulted with the doctor so that it does not appear to have any side effects. Every medicine does have a dosage or how drops to be taken. Avoiding medicines is not going to help us rather we should control the disease by understanding which medicine can give the desired result.

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