Bukidnon Talaandig Tree joins sorghum farming

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The Talaandig tribal farmers of Talakag, Bukidnon, known for growing vegetables, have joined the Sorghum Development Program with a 10-hectare pilot area in the village of Mirayon.

On Wednesday, the Talaandig Vegetable Farmers led by their chairman, Ryan Danio, visited my farm in Kidapawan City where I have a Sorghum Demo Farm.

I personally showed them how Sorghum could be grown using the Zero Tillage Farming System to prevent soil erosion, especially in the hilly and undulating farming areas of Bukidnon.

The Zero Tillage Farming System promotes the planting of crops like Sorghum and Corn by just using stakes to make small holed in the ground where seeds could be planted.

By not plowing or upturning the soil, erosion is prevented especially in undulating and sloping areas.

I also showed to the members of the Talaandig Tribe how Sorghum could be fed directly to their backyard chicken right after harvesting.

They were also shown how the Sorghum stalks could be fed to the goats or turned into silage.

When they returned home Wednesday afternoon, they brought with them Sorghum seeds good for 10 hectares which they said will be divided among the tribal families in their areas.

It is my hope that when I visit Bukidnon again next year, the Talaandig tribe will not only be growing vegetables but also raising backyard chicken and milking dairy goats.

By Manny Piñol

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11 shares, 2 points
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