PH has backlog on farm-to-market road infrastructure

photo credit from Business World

Farm-to-market road(FMR) is essential in agriculture sector. It links commodities from farm to market faster. However, Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol said that there are 13,000 km farm-to-market road infrastructures that should be constructed.  This should be addressed in order to pull the agricultural prices down.

He explained in his Facebook post that fewer supplies are attributed by the limited products being delivered to the markets. Thus, food supplies are expensive.

As cited in the report of Business World,  “Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) conducted a Rapid Appraisal of Emerging Benefits (RAEB) for 21 completed farm roads from July 2016 to end of 2018.  Respectively, results showed that the average income of farming households rose 15% over an average period of 10 months after completion of the farm roads as compared to the same period prior to the implementation.”

More significantly, Piñol noted that the Department of Agriculture will utmost prioritize the need for more rural roads leading to food production areas.

According to Piñol, as government provides farm-to-market road infrastructure, farmers will be encouraged to produce more. With established farm roads, it is easier to send produce to markets and post harvest losses can be lessened.

Significance of Farm-To-Market Road

Piñol said also affirmed in his facebook post that absence of farm roads will increase cost of food.

According to the report of Business World, DA explained that livelihood opportunities increased along the road. Also, with area cultivated inside the road influence area (RIA) increased by 3.5%. Moreover, transport losses reduced from 11% to 2%, hauling cost decreased by 3.3% (input) and 4.8% (output). Lastly, marketing of products improved.

Farm-to-market roads are important in transporting agricultural produce easier and faster, and ensuring the quality of commodities. Creation of this infrastructure keep farmers away from pricing schemes that results to lower income.

Source: Farm road backlog estimated at 13,000 km

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