Malagos Chocolates Won Another International Awards

Malagos chocolates bagged awards
(Photo credit from Philstar)

Malagos Agri-Ventures Corp. bagged three bronze awards and two commendations at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London.

Cacao processed product (72 percent dark) made in Davao won a bronze award in the individual truffle category and rhum praline for the alcohol-flavored ganache category, according to the report from Philstar.

Apart from winning awards, Malagos also received two commendations for “its almonds in couverture dark chocolate and roasted cocoa nibs in couverture in dark chocolate”.

“There are more than 46 countries were represented this year, showcasing the diverse range and creativity of producers offering a multitude of flavor profiles”,  Rex Puentespina, Malagos farmer and chocolate marker, said.

Moreover, according to the report of Philstar, the London-based group carried out independent competition to give recognition to excellence in fine chocolate-making in various countries. Further, the competition aims to to raise appreciation for fine chocolates as well as promote transparency in the sourcing of the prime ingredient for chocolates, the cocoa beans.

As cited in the report of ABS-CBN, at present, Malagos Chocolates have 32 international wins one gold national award, and three commendations in fine chocolate competitions.


Malagos chocolates win international awards anew

Malagos Chocolate wins awards for ‘filled chocolate’ competition

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