Japan to Purchase Excess Supply of Philippine Mangoes

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Diamond Star Agro Products Inc. (DSAPI) plans to purchase excess supply of Philippine mangoes, Department of Agriculture reported.

The said Japanese firm will import around 100 metric tons(MT) of Philippine mangoes. At present, the Philippines has 2 million kilograms of excess supply of mangoes or 2,000 MT.

Apart from importing Philippine mangoes, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol said that DSAPI will also impart in the launching of the DA’s Metro Mango Marketing Program on June 10. This program aimed to  attract buyers of mangoes.

Based on the report of Business Mirror, “DSAPI is a Philippine-based Japanese firm that has been exporting locally produced mango, papaya, saba, pineapple and durian to Japan since 1987. Moreover,  the said firm signified their intention in buying a huge volume of mangoes through Philippine agriculture attaché to Japan, Dr. Samuel Animas, this week”.

Secretary Piñol also explained that “the oversupply of Philippine mangoes is attributed from the prolonged El Niño phenomenon has prompted the DA to undertake a massive marketing campaign to help farmers who saw earnings decline due to falling farm-gate prices”.

Measures in Solving the Excess Supply of Philippine Mangoes

Importantly, some local processors deemed to cut down the surplus of mangoes through expanding their buying volume. Respectively, private sectors,which obtain businessmen and investors, are being encourage to reach out local mango farmers.

Amas proposed his interest in linking the potential mango farmers to the various private entities.

As cited in the report of Business Mirror, “the government is offering to sell mangoes at P25 per kg if the buyer will purchase at least 4 MT. Export grade mangoes are also available at P50/kg for every 4-MT order”.

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Interestingly, Philippines is exporting dried mangoes to 21 different countries involving Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.


Japanese firm to buy PHL’s excess mango


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