iPhone 11 – The Ultimate Flagship of 2019

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The Camera

Most flagship phones sport a rear dual-camera system. But the iPhone 11 brings in a camera setup with impressive features. A first look at the camera app and you’ll notice the resemblance of the app’s font to signature wordings. That’s not even the best part.

Super Slow-Motion

One feature you will enjoy is the Super Slow-Motion video capture. Capture your favourite moments with friends and family and add the slow-motion effect for dramatic effect. Record precious moments before they zoom past.

Stereo Speakers

A smartphone’s speakers are often what distinguishes it from the rest. Equipped with the latest stereo speakers, the iPhone 11 allows for sharp, crisp audio. If you love playing music while in a room, the iPhone 11 stereo speakers will make you very happy. Comparable to a modern-day boombox, the iPhone 11 enables easy listening with earphones out.

Stunning Looks

You may think that people who judge a phone by looks are superficial. But when you lay eyes on the iPhone 11’s flawless dimensions and smooth silhouette, you’ll immediately fall in love with it. With the large display size, the large surface blends perfectly with the rear aluminium frame.

In a nutshell, the iPhone 11 is truly a beautiful smartphone that is worth every penny.

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