A quiet and tranquil place to live that is “Sakto Sa’yo” in BellaVita

BellaVita focuses on enriching the lives of the hardworking middle class by offering their families a home to be proud of one that is nestled in a peaceful and safe community, accessible to public transportation, beautifully and practically designed, and one that will prove reliable performance over time.

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Beautiful Life is the meaning of BellaVita which encapsulates its objective of providing decent but affordable homes. Established in 2011 by its parent company, Ayala Land Inc., BellaVita Land Corporation brings well-planned communities to more Filipinos for the quality Ayala Land, Inc. is known for.  

BellaVita developments cater to starting families, civil servants, private workers, entrepreneurs, and OFWs, who are either seeking to own their first home, looking for rental income opportunities, want to live near their place of work or want to ensure that their hard-earned money is well spent. From the house features to the village facilities, a BellaVita home is for those who seek to enjoy a comfortable living experience within a safe and secure environment.

I remember when I was young. I lived in the slums together with my family. My three siblings and I, together with our parents, sleep in a small house, just layered with planks of wood, and a rusty roof. Since then, I promised myself that I need to be better. I’m the eldest, and I will bring out my family from that area. I was determined to finish school to have a better future so I persevered and work while I was studying. It took a lot of time and hard work but I did it. I graduated and got a nice job that pays enough to have food on our table and send my siblings to state colleges. 

Now, there is only one of us who is still studying and I have achieved my dream of buying a house through the help of BellaVita land corp. They have an affordable house and lot for sale that helps me find a place that fits our needs and pockets. And also, we have found a quiet and tranquil place away from the busy and fast-paced life of metro manila. It is also accessible to transportation so I didn’t need to be concerned about how I will go to work. For me, having a house in BellaVita is a milestone for me and my family. 


BellaVita believes that people deserve the best when it comes to owning a home. There are several reasons that make a person recognize the service offered when it is able to satisfy their needs and wants.

What BellaVita has in the latest tagline launch is known as “Sakto Sa’yo”. A term indicating that its meant for you and is for you. The pillars reflect this movement as well as what the company offers to its buyers. The five pillars are “Sakto sa Location”, “Sakto sa Bulsa”, “Sakto sa Family Safety”, “Sakto sa Taste Mo” and “Sakto sa Gusto mo”. Each of them translates to what every person looks for in an ideal home, a good location, affordable and attainable, secure home and secure area, the interior and exterior, and the living experience that every family deserves.

BellaVita guarantees that everyone will get what they are after through these homes that are offered. Different sites around the Philippines is the start of this movement. This ensures that every buyer becomes a homeowner who is satisfied and content.


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