Atty. Sabio’s withdrawal of the ICC complaint vs. Pres. Duterte


Attorney Jude Sabio, withdrew his complaint in the International Criminal Court against President Rodrigo Duterte because it is not in the ‘interest of justice’ but rather politically motivated.

Sabio not paid to withdraw ICC case vs Duterte – Gadon | ANC

Early Edition (ABS-CBN): Lawyer Jude Sabio was not paid by anyone to withdraw his communication against President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court, his colleague said.

Duterte’s former ICC accuser dances around case’s veracity | ANC

Early Edition (ABS-CBN): The case against President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) was politically motivated, the lawyer who filed it said Friday, despite admitting that he “cannot say what is true” or not in the allegations.

‘In the Interest of Justice’: Lawyer defends withdrawal of ICC complaint vs. Duterte

ANC: The lawyer who withdrew his communication against President Duterte before the international criminal court defends his actions insisting no one paid him to do so. Attorney Jude Sabio said, he withdrew his complaint because it is not anymore in the ‘interest of justice.’ he, however, refused to belie his crimes against humanity allegations against duterte even though he has withdrawn his case.


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