CNN: The explanation of the Coronavirus from China

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explanation of the coronavirus from china
Photo from the video of CNN

The Cable News Network (CNN) revealed the explanation of the Coronavirus from China.

Moreover, the death toll in Wuhan China increased to nine while 440 cases of infected people were also reported.

The video of the explanation of the Coronavirus from China disclosed that the SARS-like virus originated from a seafood market.

Leo Poon, an expert, explained in the video that the said virus started from animals and was transmit to humans.

“Officials are aware of around 2,200 cases of “close contact” with known virus carriers. Regarding suspected cases, 715 patients have been discharged while more than 300 patients remain on medical watch,” Li Bin, China’s national health commissioner.

The New Strain of Coronavirus

In the Philippines, it was reported yesterday that there was a five year old boy from Cebu was infected with a new strain of Coronavirus ( See full report here:

” First identified in Wuhan in mid-December, the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is in the same family of infections as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS),” CNN reported.

“Coronaviruses are transmitted by animals and people, and the Wuhan strain has been linked to a market in the city which was selling seafood and live animals, including wild species. SARS was previously linked to similar markets, particularly the sale of civet cats, a delicacy in some parts of China,” CNN revealed.



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