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Fly and Fetch could be your solution!

Fly and Fetch is a start-up company based in Edmonton, AB. The company aims to make shipping cheaper, faster, and friendlier by providing peer-to-peer (P2P) shipping marketplace.

Business model innovation in the courier industry has been sluggish. Traditional courier companies like local Postal Offices, FedEx, UPS, and others, have been using the traditional shipping model for the longest time. Peer-to-Peer shipping disrupts traditional shipping by removing the middle barrier and directly connecting the shippers to the traveler.  

Peer-to-peer shipping is a common practice that has existed for several decades, or perhaps centuries. Based on an internal survey conducted, 92% of the sample population admitted that they have brought someone else’s items from another country before. Fly and Fetch is giving informal peer-to-peer shipping a digital transformation.

Fly and Fetch: Shipping Cheaper, Faster, and Friendlier

Exponential growth of technology, accessible and faster internet connection, and cheap smartphones have made the peer-to-peer models popular. Companies like Uber and AirBnB have proven how sharing economies are working and disrupting traditional industries.

Fly and Fetch aims to beat the barriers and use the platform to disrupt traditional shipping. The founders, Shelvie and Victoria, are building an online marketplace that connects Fetchers (travelers) and Fetchees (shippers) to negotiate on a transport and delivery transaction. Fly and Fetch lets users negotiate the terms and compensation of the deal.

Each member of the Fly and Fetch community needs to be a verified user. All members are required to upload a selfie and a government-issued ID, and an external party assesses the documents. The travelers are required to provide their e-ticket, and the shippers need to provide item details and photos upon submitting their requests. Fly and Fetch aims to build a community based on trust by allowing not just monetary exchanges but also perks and services exchange.

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Shipping Cheaper, Faster, and Friendlier

Cheaper. Fly and Fetch is a cheaper option for international shipping. Often, shipping an item internationally costs more than the item. By using the platform, shippers could save up to 80% (or more) than what couriers charge

This is a sample quote for sending a 1kg package from Canada to the Philippines.

Rate Comparison from: SecureShip

Faster. The fastest way to ship an item is to send it with someone who is traveling to the destination. Even courier’s international express shipping could take 3-7 days to arrive. By using Fly and Fetch, items could arrive within hours from departure.

Friendlier. Fly and Fetch is not only a social platform, but it is also environment-friendly.

Fly and Fetch aims to build a community with a foundation of trust and respect. The platform is created to connect shippers and travelers and create a beneficial relationship that hopefully leads to more than just transactional.

By using an available resource (luggage space) and maximizing its use for a better purpose, Fly and Fetch is very environmentally friendly. The company saves air-fuel compare to the excessive use by traditional air shipping. In addition, most of our customers are sending second-hand items such as clothes and devices to their families in third-world countries. Our platform encourages a circular economy.

Fly and Fetch Launch

 Fly and Fetch just launched in the new year and is continually getting traction from customers. Visit their website: www.flyandfetch.com to register.

Are you traveling soon? Do you want to monetize your luggage space and earn extra money? Be a Fetcher!

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Do you need to send an item abroad? Avail a cheaper, faster, and friendlier service by availing the service of our fetchers! Send a package now!

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