NCov May Affect Banana Industry in the Philippines

banana industry in the Philippines

The novel coronavirus (n2019-nCoV) serves as a threat to the banana industry in the Philippines.

Chinese buyers, the top market of the Philippines for exported bananas, reduced orders due to nCov outbreak.

Moreover, China has been the importing more than seventy million boxes in the last two years and surpassed Japan’s market.

Based on the report of Sunstar, Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Kuwait are not viable markets for cavendish unlike China.

Pilipino Banana Exporters and Growers Association (PBGEA) President Victor S. Mercado emphasized that our banana industry in the Philippines became independent to China.

Apart from the threat brought about by the nCov, PBGEA highlighted the threat attributed by Panama disease in 2019 which significantly affected the banana industry in the Philippines.

PBGEA estimated that there are almost 30,000 hectares have been affected by the soil-borne infestation.

Further, financial and technical support are needed by the affected banana farmers.

“The exodus of local experts is continuing as other Asian countries seek them out to develop their own banana industries,” Mr. Mercado, president of the Marsman-Drysdale Agribusiness Group stated.

“A team that recently visited Cambodia also saw progress in its banana industry development given the availability of farm areas, Mr. Bacani, president of Unifrutti Tropical Philippines Inc, said.

Accordingly, in smoothing out the seasonal swings in demand and fluctuations in the harvest, the banana industry suggested that the government should set a cap on the exit price of the bananas.


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