MinDA ensured food supplies in Mindanao

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food supplies in Mindanao
Photo from Manila Bulletin

The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) implemented food monitoring in order to ensure the food supplies in Mindanao, especially in island provinces.

“It was established following a call for help from Tawi-Tawi Governor Mang Sali in view of the province’s depleted rice supply,” Secretary  Emmanuel Piñol said.

Respectively, the monitoring will be handled by the Area Management Offices (AMO) of MinDA.

“The islands of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi, including the small island communities, are the most vulnerable in case of a failure in the movement of food supplies and goods,” the Philippine News Agency reported.

Further, the said islands are dependent mainly in Mindanao or Sabah, just a few hours away from the islands of Tawi-tawi and Sulu.

Piñol noted that Sabah also imposed strict measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus 2019.

The movement of the food supplies in Mindanao especially in remote areas were affected by the imposition of the lockdowns.

“With that, MinDA will ensure that the food needs of the remote areas and isolated islands are provided for by tapping Naval assets and commercial vessels,” Piñol added.

Accordingly, MinDA Executive Director Janet Lopoz is responsible to look after the needs and requirements of the different agriculture and fisheries sectors of Mindanao.

“On Tuesday (March 17), Lopoz started coordinating with the Philippine Air Force for the transport of the biologics and veterinary supplies for the poultry and livestock sectors of Mindanao.

Moreover, Department of Agriculture William Dar announced that food supply will be stable for several months.

Filipinos do not need to panic because food supplies such as rice are enough to feed the whole country for several months amid the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 (See full story here: https://www.trending.ph/2020/03/da-ph-has-enough-food-supply-amid-covid-19/ ).

MinDA ensures food supplies reach Mindanao’s island provinces

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