PNP: Zero Tolerance for Police Abuse amidst COVID-19 Quarantine


A video showing two residents being hit and cursed by police officers in Quiapo for going outside their house, with quarantine pass, to buy necessities in the midst of the current enhanced community quarantine or lockdown has been reported to the Philippine National Police (PNP) Deputy Chief for Operations Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar. As shown in the video, the policemen were caught cursing, hitting, and threatening some residents in the Golden Mosque compound in Quiapo, Manila on Wednesday. In addition, one policeman also threatened to shoot those who would go out of their houses during the lockdown.

As a response to this incident, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) has ordered the Manila Police District (MPD) to conduct an investigation. Meanwhile, when asked for a statement during his visit to the quarantine control point in one of the boundaries of Cavite and Metro Manila, Eleazar told the reporters, “That is wrong and we will probe that. The PNP leadership will not let any police officer, a person in authority or government employee to commit abuse at this time when what we need are solidarity and sacrifice”.

On the other hand, MPD chief Brig. Gen. Rolando Miranda also reminded all the officers that are imposing quarantine rules that they should “always remain calm and exercise maximum tolerance”.  In a statement, Miranda told the press, “The leadership of the MPD will neither tolerate nor condone any wrongdoing of any of our Policemen while strictly implementing the Enhanced Community Quarantine. The leadership of MPD would like also to appeal to each and everyone to fully cooperate by obeying the rules and to please be part of the solution to the serious problem the country is facing due to the spread of Covid-19. Once again, we request everybody to heed our call to fully cooperate in the fight against Covid-19”.  

In addition to this, police officers are also reminded to ensure safe and unhindered flow of basic goods, foods, medicine and other essential commodities needed by the people during this time of crisis. The PNP is also advised to allow unimpeded passage of authorized personnel from the agricultural, industrial, and medical utility sectors. It also stated that people who are working for farms and other agribusiness sectors should be exempted from home quarantine as long as they don’t exhibit symptoms of the Covid-19 disease. In addition, the PNP also reminded all unit commanders and high ranking officers to secure and monitor all the quarantine control points in the city, municipal, and in the barangays.


Featured image: Cop caught on camera cursing at Muslim man for allegedly violating quarantine

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