Skincare with Genecos ‘HAEHOA’

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In this fast and furious world, we have such demanding lives where we usually neglect to take good care of our skin. Our skin is the element that faces all daily challenges such as dirt, pollutant, sun damage, UV rays and so forth–which gives a little bit of an idea on how essential daily skincare is for the well being of our skin. I mean, who doesn’t want it to be clear and BEAUTIFUL?

Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising & Sunscreen are the four basic steps of a healthy skincare regime, which can help you keep your skin fresh and young. The “MUST” products for daily use for skincare regime are:

· Cleanser

· Toner

· Moisturizer

· Sunscreen 

A Korean Company, Genecos has launched a marinal extract skincare line, for clear and beautiful skin. The Genecos Haehoa products provide you with a range of a full skincare regime. Each product from cleanser to moisturizing lotion is made with the key ingredients that are inspired by natural extracts such as the blooming flower. The natural skincare is the hottest thing trending on social media these days. Considering these facts, Genecos Haehoa products are essential to your skincare regime. 

The products we review today are the MUST HAVE, HaeHoa Moisture Balance Toner & HaeHoa Vitalizing Boost Lotion. These two products will change your skin game. Adjusting them into your skincare regime will give tremendous results, leading your skin young and gorgeous. It will give you the confidence to wander outdoors with minimum makeup.

HaeHoa Moisture Balance Toner– as acne is the most common skin problem with this generation, a toner helps to shrink pores, which in turn minimizes oil resurfacing and thus reducing acne. It also helps to balance pH of your skin, giving your skin a healthy glow. Genecos has surprised the world by making this toner Multi-Functional. Not only does it provide oil control for your skin, it also brightens and smooths out age-lines. It refines and reduces wrinkles like an anti-age cream. Exported from Korea, its price is only 800 pesos (120ml).  

After the application of a toner prepares it for the moisturizer. These two steps–toner and moisturizer– go side by side for better product absorption. Investing in good skincare products gives you glowing skin. Cleansing and toning remove the dirt, dead skin cells and excessive oil from the surface of your face, making it squeaky clean and fresh. But even oily skin needs a moisturizer because it helps the skin to retain its moisture to stay hydrated.


Haehoa Vitalizing Boost Lotion is a light nourishing component, which restores vitality and lustre to the epidermal layer. The fine texture absorbs quickly into the skin, providing nourishment and leaving it radiant. This feather-light lotion seals the moisture and also prevents the clogging of your pores. The natural ingredients keep the skin chemical-free, giving it a beaming glow. Everyone is going to want to know which new products you have introduced to your skin. Not only that, it is also multi-functional, whitening and anti-aging. Providing moisture to dry and rough patches helps to make the skin even-toned. This also helps to level out fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a young and renewed appearance. This magical vitalizing lotion is also priced at only 800 pesos (120ml).

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