How COVID-19 Revealed the Values of Companies?

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Covid-19 changes how we usually live our lives. Most importantly, businesses and companies pivoted to survive. But what COVID-19 helps us to realize are the values of companies and their priorities.

Sadly, some people were laid off, take additional jobs to live, and others were fortunate to continue living the usual routine they used to. COVID-19 also enables to reveal the capacity of big conglomerates and businesses to help their communities and countries during the pandemic.

In the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is one of the companies that extended their help to the communities during the lockdowns. The company is known for its tag line as “walang iwanan”(no one is left behind). SMC lived by the value it advocates Filipinos.

“SMC has allotted P11.67 billion in tax, concession and contractual payments throughout the quarantine period to make available funds needed to respond effectively to the challenges of the pandemic,” BizNewsAsia stated.

The company donated food 24/7 for frontliners and vulnerable communities, wherein people were badly effected in losing their income due to COVID-19. Aside from that, the company donated free alcohol since there is a shortage of alcohol during the first 3 months of lockdown. With their facilities, they were able to produce 70-percent ethyl alcohol.

Not only that, as SMC help the country in responding to the challenges of COVID-19, the company also secured its employees by giving full monthly income, compensation, and work-from-home set-up.

Amidst their consistent efforts in helping, the company didn’t forget to compensate its workers. Indeed, their malasakit (concern), one of the values of the company, started within the company, and radiated to the community.

Aside from revealing the values of the companies, COVID-19 also showed the people who are willing to uplift the lives of others who were affected badly with the pandemic.


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Nath Mindanao

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