What is UGC? The Different Kinds of User Generated Content For Your Brand to Leverage

Whenever a brand makes a mistake, they will react every time and, most importantly, create real and genuine content. Instead of reading clever sales messages, the consumers are more fascinated by hearing their peers' views. 

Thus it's time to start using user-generated content; otherwise, your brand will miss a lot. Let the user-generated content operate for your brand. 

User-Generated Content- Introduction

The content that is willfully created and shared by individuals that are not associated with that brand is referred to as user-generated content. These individuals can be fans or consumers of the brands. Thus the UGC can be anything from reviews on third party websites to social media posts. 

User-generated content is a powerful tool to influence the purchasing decision of the buyers. UGC is honest and more appealing to other clients as they are not created by the brand but some real buyers. 

Different Types of UGC for your Brand

Now, we have helped you gain a better knowledge of user-generated content, so let's now take a look at where it can be found. You can find several varieties of UGC. Some of which are listed down here. have a look


This type of user-generated content operates in Business-to-Business marketing or consumer marketing. To generate them, you require a fun and pleasant idea, of course, and the contestants. 

By putting both of them together, you can double benefit your brand and its fan base. You can also come up with a prize. This can be free service, cash, merchandise, or some type of acknowledgment. Formulate a strategy that produces ideally visual content.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings can prove to be a good UGC and can make the shoppers trust your product. You cannot leave out the eCommerce store when 90 percent of the online shoppers incorporate surveys in their buying choices.  

Reviews and ratings are a vital way to assure your customer that your brand is reliable and, as a result, enhances your brand value. Customer reviews and ratings are a platform to provide your customers with a space of keeping their voice about the product or services. 

By doing this, you are providing your future clients to learn more about the products from individuals who have purchased them. 

Hashtag Campaign

Using some #Hashtag campaigns, you can easily attract and occupy your consumers. This is a popular strategy on Instagram, where customers post hashtagged images. 

This is an extremely popular tactic for word-of-mouth marketing. By using this UGC, you can go with the contest approach and offer incentives. Often the consumer gets the chance to be featured on the brand's Instagram account.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials have continued for a long time over any media in light of good reason. Probable customers want to know the answers to these questions. Have you made use of this product or tried the services? What did you achieve?

Video testimonials as UGC help to build great trust among the consumers.

Customer Stories

Customer stories are not a bad approach to user-generated content if they are authentic. This sort of thing can be made easy with the use of smartphones and social media. 

The client stories can make the brand loving volunteers healthier, wealthier, and happier or better than before.  


Do good research with your clients. Shape and forge a kind of content that delivers everlasting results and helps you earn links and shares. Then you will be able to learn more about your client's needs. 

Another type of content that is incredibly repurposable is research. This can undoubtedly be created as a post, slide deck, report, infographics, and many others.

Wish Lists

Adding a product to your wishlist on Amazon is also user-generated content. Using this data, Amazon creates a Master List that is known as 'Amazon Most Wished For.' Through this list, Amazon users can browse the products that other people are intrigued in. 

These brands can now simply utilize the data on their site to show their clients exactly how alluring their product is. Brand recommendations of this variety can even be utilized in divergent types of UGC.

Customer Events

Customer events help- you generate convincing and genuine content, whether online or offline. It offers the clients an opportunity to feature roles in whatever you produce.

While keeping content creation in mind, here are a few of the other ideas for customer events- 

  • Promotions at trade shows

  • Twitter chats

  • Meetups or seminars

  • Webinars- Invite customers to speak

Benefits of User Generated Content

User-generated content is a different source of visuals that you can take advantage of for your marketing. Acquire authentic and impactful photos in a cost-effective way that can enhance the possessed content you already have. 

At the point when individuals see that shoppers are affirming your brand message through UGC, it goes about as a subsequent conclusion fortifying how your brand conveys on its promises. 

Since this content has been 'crowdsourced' from regular people, it has a remarkably credible feel. They are real people in the world, taking pleasant pictures with your product. 


So now, you have gained good learning about diverse user-generated content. You can use a variety of ways to make your customer talk about your product. This can range from visual user-generated content to client reviews, which, as a result, helps in enhancing your brand. 

Further, fortunately, UGC multiplies UGC. This implies that using these UGC; you can make an enormous number of people talk about your brand.

User-generated content can really be beneficial for your brand marketing. This is because it is generating authenticity, which you, as a brand, cannot create on your own. User-generated content is a substantial and solid way to promote your brand and also study consumer behavior. 

Assembling all the significant measurements before setting up for social media strategy can help you build effective content marketing and UGC campaigns yourself.

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