Malicious Comments Thrown at Her Sons, Kris Aquino Has Had Enough


Kris Aquino has had enough of all the malicious comments thrown at her sons, Josh and Bimby.

March 21, 2021, the renowned actress-host can no longer hold her peace and uploaded her “tell-all” video log on her social media accounts.

“I’m a solo parent. Nanay ako na binabalahura na ang mga anak. Sinubukan kong to shut up para di na humaba. But shutting up caused me even more stress.”
(I’m a solo parent. I am a mother whose children are being bullied. I tried to shut up to avoid prolonging (the issue). But shutting up caused me even more stress’, Aquino stated in her video.

She touched on Josh, her eldest son, currently living in Tarlac, does not imply establishing a presence for governmental intentions. Or of the accusations that Josh impregnated someone.

Aquino furthermore expressed her disappointment of people calling her youngest son, Bimby, 13 years old, gay, because of an uploaded video. She then narrates all the good qualities her son have that are worth praising.

“Bimb is just 13 years old; he has done everything he could to make me happy,” Aquino said.

In the video, she revealed matters in her life, may it be on love or politics these days—even the big names of politicians in the Philippines.

“You know me; I am real.”

“Pero, pinagod niyo ako. Napagod na ako.”

As a true fan of Taylor Swift, she congratulated the artist for winning the Grammy’s album of the year. and ended her video log with a verse from Swift’s song “Mad Woman,”

“No one likes a mad woman
You made her like that
And you’ll poke that bear ’til her claws come out
And you find something to wrap your noose around
And there’s nothing like a mad woman
I’m taking my time, taking my time
‘Cause you took everything from me
Watching you climb, watching you climb
Over people like me”.

Watch the full video on her FB Post:

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