Mariel Padilla Shares How She Lose Weight


It is not a secret that many people has been body shaming Mariel Padilla because of her weight. In some of her vlogs, she brushes the issue off and sometimes mocks the commentaries about her body.

“Oh, ang taba!” (Oh, she’s fat!)
“Hala, ang laki na niya!” (Omg, she’s so big!)

“Mataba kasi ako kaya wala akong ayos. Hintayin mo kapag pumayat ako, mag-aayos ako!” (I’m fat; that’s why I look like this. You wait until I’m slim again, I’ll doll up!)

Eventually sharing,

“This will be my sexiest year!”

Mariel Padilla has two beautiful children with her husband, Robin Padilla. She devoted most of her time to love and care for her family. She is a breastfeeding advocate and opted to wait before losing weight.

Now, the time has finally arrived she was waiting for her youngest daughter, Gabriela Padilla, stating,

“It took a while because I had to finish breastfeeding Gabriela.”

She decided it indeed the right opportunity to start losing weight. She started her journey in December 2020 but clarified she did not immerse herself in the program just yet. Then, in January 2021, she took it to the next level.

Claiming at her heaviest, she was 197 lbs. On the 17th of March, she is 155 lbs!

“I already lost 42 lbs.” Padilla proudly shared!

How did she lose all those pounds?
To help her achieve a healthier and slimmer physique, she hired a nutritionist to guide her. As Mariel affirmed that the food people consume plays a big part in gaining weight. Exercise helps immensely, as well as mindset and proportioning.

As tons of her fans asked for tips, she excitedly gave recipes and tips on her vlog.

If you also dream of getting your sexy back, you can watch the full video here:

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