12-yr-old boy loses consciousness, dies after being chased by tanods


Who would have ever thought that a child’s life, tender age of 12, will be lost because of an accident?

It is a story that we see every day because of many different cases.

Yet, in Pasay City, the 12-year-old child was caught outside the premises of his home. He lost his life after being chased off by “tanods” or village watchmen. 

Chief Col. Cesar Paday-os of Pasay City Police shared the identity of the child. His name’s John Dave Pepito. 

The unfortunate incident happened on the streets of St. Peter, corner Mulawin St., Barangay 179, Pasay City, on April 14, 2021, around 3:40 in the afternoon.

The “tanods” are identified as Arturo Rontos and Relan Maquiling from Brgy. 184. The two village watchmen were reported inside the barangay hall until they received a call. They were responding to the concerned citizen’s plea about some minors who were playing outside the streets of St. Peter.

Jaylord Zuniega, the witness of the incident, under the sworn statement, confirmed that he did saw Rontos and Maquiling chase after Pepito. Then, Pepito later collapsed.

Although the CCTV shows the chasing incident, there is no proof that the child did hit his head on the pavement.

The “tanods” immediately rushed Pepito to the San Health Center in Maricaban, Pasay City. It did not take long before he was transferred to another hospital in Tambo, Paranaque City, the Protacio Hospital. However, tragically, Pepito was declared DOA at 4:10 PM.

The police stated that the investigators did try to interview the boy’s parents. But there are still no updates regarding it.

The investigation will still push through to uncover who be charged with the boy’s death and waiting for the medical examination from the NBI.

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Lois I.