Andrea Torres to Derek Ramsay: Let us have our peace’


Whenever couples go through break-ups, most of the news after is frankly messy. Those around the pair would ask questions and possibly get different versions of what and why it happened.

It’s truthfully a chaotic ordeal. That happens in real life and for private people. How much more for celebrities?

Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay called it quits last year. They were together for over a year until their sweet romance took a different turn, finally breaking up.


After the much-publicized, Ramsay went on a few interviews where the host often asked why his and Torres’s sad ending was.

Ramsay claimed from one of his “no holds barred” interviews with Cristy Fermin that he was the one who did initiate the split, stating:

“May problema na nangyari, that I guessed nagbigay sa akin na I think this relationship, our views (on that problem), values is not the same. Hindi mali yung values nya. Hindi mali yung values ko. Ganito ako pinalaki. Ganun sya pinalaki. I think then that it’s the end of the relationship.”

Cristy Fermin asked Ramsay if the split happens in person or not, to which Derek answered he did it through a phone call.

GMA shared on Andrea Torres and she gave her piece on the matter and said:

“I don’t see the significance of discussing details in public.”

She further added that:

“I honestly have a different memory of what transpired and who ended it but I think it is not worth my time and energy because it will only turn into a ‘he said, she said’ thing.

Finally saying,

“If he truly respects me and my family, let us have our peace.”

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