Apprehension Order Vs. Use and Sale of IVM, House Leader Lectures Cops


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting billions of people all over the world.

Vaccines are scarce, and other countries are searching for a treatment and cure. Experts in the field of medicine and science continue to explore treatment and cure possibilities. Among the most talk about is Ivermectin.

Recently, the FDA grants the use of the “wonder drug” for the compassionate special permit.

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However, on April 08, 2021, the Philippine National Police, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group ordering the apprehension of individuals using or selling the IVN according to the memorandum.

A house leader who also advocates for IVN lectures the Philippine National Police (PNP) memorandum.

Representative Bernadette Herrera, from Bagong Henerasyon Party-list and deputy speaker, slams the PNP for declaring the order.

Herrera states:

“Ivermectin is not an illegal drug.”

“How can Ivermectin be illegal when compounding laboratories are actually allowed to produce and sell it?”

“Of course, only the human-grade Ivermectin will be used by people.”

Afterwhich, she then spoke to Police Major Albert Ferro and PNP chief General Debold Sinas, who gave her assurance of recalling and clarifying the memorandum.

“You cannot ban its use. It is our right to take care of ourselves as we fit it,”

the legislator further stated and disclosed that she’s also taking the drug which her doctor prescribes.

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