Best Filipino Food to Have During the Holy Week “Semana Santa”


In commemoration of the Holy Week, Filipinos have been upholding traditions for many centuries.

Semana Santa,” in this time, the country displays its religious devotion, especially as most of the population are Catholic. 

Most of the rituals and practices are adaptations of the community from Spanish influence.

Among the traditions celebrate while observing the Semana Santa are the food and snacks or more popularly known as “kakanin.”

In truth, many Filipinos are excited to share their food with neighbors, friends, and family.

What are the list of the best Filipino food for the Holy Week:

  • Champorado” or chocolate rice porridge
  • Minatamis na saging” or banana in caramel sauce
  • “Ginataang mais” or coconut milk rice pudding with corn
  • “Pichi-pichi” made of cassave flour

Sticky rice cakes variants are crowd favorites, too, such as;

  • Palitaw
  • Suman
  • Sapin-Sapin
  • Biko

And the last two yet undoubtedly the most renowned ones of all.

  • Ginataang bilo-bilo
  • Binignit 

Which ones are your favorites “kakanin” or snacks for this Holy Week?

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Lois I.