Outraged Patient Vs. Rude Doctor in Culion, Palawan


Every profession differs from each other, and the journey to becoming a medical doctor is not simple.

Individuals who wish to be doctors should prepare themselves through many programs for more than a decade before finally becoming fully licensed medical doctors.

Thus, it is a profession that many people do respect.

They also took an oath to fulfill their duties as medical professionals.

What if the doctor who a patient initially trusted becomes an unexpected threat to their health and wellness? What if the doctor the patient trusted won’t give any explanation why their newborn baby died?

On April 07, 2021, a viral video became a social media topic.

The video shows a heated argument between a doctor and a patient while inside the Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital located at Bayan ng Culion, Palawan.

It appears that the patient, Elizabeth Cuaton from Brgy. Borac, Bayan ng Coron, Palawan, recently gave birth and wanted to leave the medical facility.

The doctor became rude, pointing her finger and shouting at Cuaton.

From the footage, the fiery exchange was because Cuaton lost her child and wanted a clear explanation to the baby.

However, the doctor was full of rage and even insulted the patient that she has a big “v*gina”.

Radyo Bandera made sure to contact the Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital’s chief, Dr. Arturo Cunanan. Dr. Cunanan assured that an investigation panel would commence to acquire the complete information revolving around the incident.


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Lois I.