Palace: President Duterte’s Vaccination is Not Priority


The COVID-19 inoculation schedule for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is currently not a priority, as stated by the Palace on April 13, 2021.

After nearly 2-weeks, finally, President Duterte addressed the public.

The Republic of the Philippines’ President has declared his eagerness to waive his slot for the vaccines.

“if anybody wants to have it, they can have it. We are not the priority anyway. Let’s put first the people who will still live long,”

He is solidifying his choice to give up the opportunity of getting immunized against respiratory disease.

Further adding:

“Me, I’ll waive it. If you’re 70 years old and above, what do you get? You can just dream, dream of living ’til kingdom come.”

On Tuesday, Secretary Harry Roque, the Presidential spokesperson, revealed through a news conference that President Duterte’s statement is solely a “temporary pronouncement” as the vaccine supply is scarce.

Roque said:

“This is just a temporary pronouncement of the President while vaccine supply is not enough. He said he will let our countrymen get ahead of him.”

While the news conference was ongoing, Secretary Roque added that it is possible that when more vaccine supplies do come into the country, the President will then get his shot with the public.

Currently, the COVID-19 vaccination program is followed by the government. The first among the inoculated are those who fall and belong to the priority sectors. These are the person in medicine or medical front liners, the elderly individuals, and people who have underlying health conditions or A1, A2, A3.


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Lois I.