Sunshine Cruz confirms she tested positive for COVID-19


Sunshine Cruz comes from a family of well-known and loved artists in the industry.

Her life has been open to the public ever since she pursued a life in the limelight.

From the happiest moments in her career, controversies affecting her personal life, and going on a new chapter, the public was aware of perhaps everything.

But on April 14, 2021, she shared something personal once again, and this time, it’s connected to the current health crises worldwide.

Sunshine Cruz reveals through her IG account @sunshinecruz718 that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Her photo shows her wearing a full PPE suit, face shield, and face mask on March 27, 2021.

The other pictures she willingly part to the people caring for her were the test result of her swab test, among others.

She started her post with a quote, saying:

“He won’t make us face anything that He knows we cannot get ourselves through.. Making us definitely stronger.”

And continues on:

“It’s my 20th day of isolation and as instructed by my doctor, I still can’t leave my room not unless my symptoms are gone. I have three kids and our kasambahays that i have to also protect from myself.

To everyone, Covid is real! In my 43 years of existence, I’ve had fever, the flu, and coughs but Covid symptoms can’t be compared to what I’ve experienced before. I am still grateful and blessed that the worst is over.
I will be taking a swab test tomorrow and I am hoping, praying for a negative result. I am positive that I will test negative! Claiming it!

Stay safe everyone, wear your masks, face shields and keep your distance, let us all do our part in being a solution to this very difficult pandemic we are facing. God bless us all!”

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Many posted their comments wishing for Cruz to “get better soon” and for “God heals!“.


Sunshine Cruz uploaded a new photo with the caption:

22/14 Tested NEGATIVE🙏🏻 but feeling positive.

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