“I’ve been scammed”: Michael Cinco calls out Miss Universe Canada and the glam team


Whenever people in and out of the fashion industry hears the name “”Michael Cinco,”” the images of fabulous and beautiful couture gowns worn by celebrities and beauty queens flash through their heads.

Michael Cinco’s brilliance is always present in fashion shows and pageants. Yes, the prestigious list includes the recent Miss Universe 2020 candidates.

A few days after the outstanding pageant, the most shocking revelation from Cinco came as a big surprise to everyone on the internet.

Michael Cinco calls out the entirety of Miss Canada’sCanada’s glam team and Ms. Nova Stevens herself through his Facebook account.

Cinco started his post by stating he is a positive person and steers away from drama, as it is not his personality. However, the current negative critiques thrown at his work were just too much to bear.   

“”I don’t normally respond to unnecessary social media rants or any negative criticisms about my work but this one caught my ire as it seems to put uncalled for blame on my team week after Miss UNIVERSE. The audacity of TRUTH to be told when it is bereft of it..””

He then names Miss Canada and her team for spreading fake news and tarnishing his name and name, which is all unfair.

“”Now this is for you to the whole Miss CANADA Team Migüel MartinezDenis Martin Davila, and Miss CANADA Organization and your ungrateful Miss CANADA Nova Stevens. You have been spreading fake news about me and my team being unprofessional days before the pageant but I chose to be quiet and calm. But this time, I need to stand up for me and my team, as it is just so UNFAIR!””

Cinco has had experiences of being criticized and bashed throughout his career. But the people behind the recent attacks are doing much too much damage to their credibility.

He then emphasized that he’she’s scammed and enumerated the dishonest scheme done by the “”PSEUDO GLAM TEAM.””

Miss Canada’sCanada’s glam team wanted to force Miss Nova Stevens to fit a 23″” waistline dress when she was 26″”. Furthermore, the Canada team seems to accuse Cinco of allegedly sabotaging Miss Stevens’Stevens’ chances of getting into the Top 21 and blaming him and his team.

All the while, Cinco did everything in his power to produce hiring a world-class photographer and filmmaker to shoot Miss Stevens’Stevens’ wearing the couture gowns in Dubai. Everything was paid for by Cinco.

Cinco stressed that the whole Miss Universe Canada unit has been using and taking advantage of his kindness for the past few years without paying him for any of his services.

“”Next time don’tdon’t ask me or any FILIPINO designers to dress up your candidates. Ask your Canadian designers to showcase their works in world stage…I DON’TDON’T NEED YOU in my career and dressing up your candidates WILL NOT HELP MY BUSINESS. STOP taking advantage of my KINDNESS and STOP scamming FILIPINO designers…HOW DARE YOU…SHAME ON YOU and your whole CANADIAN Team…#sorelosers #moveon #attentionseekers #lifeisnotallaboutMissUniverse“”

What’s your opinion of Michael Cinco’s revelations? Did he go too far, or are his actions needed to call out those he had mentioned?

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Lois I.