Jam Magno Banned from TikTok


Jam Magno, a known social media personality, became a trending topic on social media recently with her comments on the Miss Universe 2021 candidate Rabiya Mateo.

It seems Magno has been banned from using her account in the video-sharing platform TikTok. Magno has an impressive half a million followers on the said platform.

Jam Magno have gained popularity in on her political stand as she is a loyal and fierce President Duterte administration supporter.

As she was banned from TikTok, she addressed the matter using her Facebook account on May 19th. She made it clear that the incident did not faze her at all.

“Let me remind you that being on banned on Tiktok is not new to me and I came back from it before.”

Magno claims that she can go on live sessions on TikTok.

“I am still going to [go] Live regardless and being declared persona non grata even more so,” she added. On the particular live session, she will be with Atty. Bruce Rivera.

What was the reason behind TikTok’s decision to kick Magno out of the video-sharing website?

Jam Magno did not disclose any information on the subject. However, presumptions were circulating from news outlets, such as, Aksyon Radyo Iloilo, that the account may have been violating some Community Guidelines.

People on social media did share that Magno was posting videos on TikTok and allegedly bashing the Philippines’ representative for the Miss Universe 2020 Rabiya Mateo.

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Lois I.