Kobe Paras shared struggles with his Mental Health


People go through different bouts of hardships now and then.

In most cases, it’s usually the financial and emotional issues that are the common subjects where people exchange their thoughts candidly.

However, there’s nothing more sensitive than the struggles of one’s mental health.

Many people choose not to discuss the serious matter because it’s “taboo” or implying you are going nuts!

The truth is that it’s more complicated and simpler than what other people make it to be. It is not an illness solely affecting the rich. Many people endure a challenging time with their psychological health that affects their overall wellness in the end.

Kobe Paras, the son of actress Jackie Forster with retired professional basketball players, actor, and comedian, Benjie Paras bravely opened up through social media on his thoughts about “mental health.”

He did not shy away from the topic and shared what he went through when he returned to the homeland four years ago.

Via Twitter, Kobe Paras revealed and admitted that he did experience his “lowest” throughout those testing moments in his life.

“I was depressed, suicidal, I just felt so lost.”

Paras continued his thoughts, saying:

Until now there are days I don’t feel like me.”

He extended his message to find purpose and stick to it.

“It’s not easy at all. Only you can save yourself.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 23-year-old basketball player had to let go of his initial life and career plans.

But brighter days may come sooner for Kobe Paras after he has signed a contract with East-West Private, who is at the moment handling NBL player Kai Sotto.

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