Pampanga’s “The Singing Priest” Investigated for Illicit Scandal

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A few days ago, a video was vastly circulating throughout social media, especially on Facebook.

Initially, the video was passed from one person to another privately through message.

Nevertheless, it got leaked to the general public’s viewing and most certainly has become viral.

In the said viral video, people were talking. A man wearing a yellow shirt, “Dr. M”, was confronting another man, who turned out to be a priest, “Fr. H.P”. was wearing a white button-down short-sleeved polo.

“M” slammed a canvas of their family portrait on the table as he was talking furiously to “P”. It appears that the said fiery confrontation was because the man in yellow caught his wife,”Dr. G.M.”, of having an illicit affair with the Catholic priest.

“Fr. H.P.” is quite popular in Pampanga and is known as the “singing priest.”

From the recorded clip, the “P” was saying that he was sorry. However, the “M” could not accept the poor-excuse-of-an-apology and answered;

“You ruined our family!” adding that the accused “singing priest” took advantage of his wife.

To add more sarcasm to the whole situation they were in, “M” quoted one of the notable Ten Commandments, which was:

“Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

The couple’s son who was also there made sure that the priest knows that he’s up for an investigation and an adultery case will be served soon.

The investigations are now ongoing according to Archbishop Florentino Lavarias.

Watch full video:

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