Madam Inutz Leaves Star Image Artist Management

Madam Inutz leaves Star Image for good, and the reason behind her actions will shock you.

Who is Madam Inutz?

Do you love to browse through social media apps? If you do, then it’s impossible that you had never heard anything about this lady.

Madam Inutz, born Daisy Lopez, has become one of the most viral online sellers in the Philippines.

Would you believe that her Facebook live-selling videos on her page Daisy_licious Ukay will get as many as 2 million views? But the funniest thing, her viewers won’t buy the clothes she’s selling. Her audiences would instead stick around as spectators on her live-selling sessions and ask for “shout-outs.”

As she became a viral celebrity, it did not take long before Star Image Artist Management contacted her. Soon, she announced that she had signed with the agency, which caused many of her followers to urge and asked her to rethink her decision.

Leaving Star Image Artist Management


After a few days, Madam Inutz finally confirmed on August 15, Sunday, that she did leave the agency.
She confirmed her reason on another live session, stating:

“Umalis na ako sa Star Image dahil na rin sa inyo at dahil na rin sa pamilya ko.”
(“I left Star Image because of everyone and also because of my family.”)

She did not hesitate to admit the truth that she felt overwhelmed with everything happening around her.
Before leaving Star Image Artist Management, she did make sure to consult her family and the closest people to her on the serious matter.

A kind-hearted lawyer also gave their legal service to her to read through the contract from Star Image.

“May nag-suggest sa akin na manghingi ng kopya ng kontrata, i-review yung kontrata. So ngayon pinareview ko yung kontrata…”
(“Someone suggested asking for the contract’s copy, to review it. So now, I asked them to review the contract..”)

By then, the revelation shocked her. The contract had no expiration, no detailed plans, nor projects for her to profit from it.

Madam Inutz left the talent agency through the legal process.

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