Get Ready for Summer Play with SM Beauty

When was the last time you spent summer outside? Feels so long ago, doesn’t it? Forthe last two years, we were stuck at home with “summer activities” that are way lessfun: Surfing the internet instead of waves and scrolling on our phones instead ofstrolling outside.

Weknowyoumissthe summerfun,Butbetterandbrighterdaysarehere!LetSMBeautyhelpyoupressplayonthebestsummerever,wheneveryou want to and wherever you may be!

There are skincare, cosmetics,fragrance, haircare, personal care, and more! Hop on the latest trends and enjoy endless fun under the sun with this summer beauty bucket list:


Whetheryou’regoingoutorstayingin,yourskinisalwaysexposedtothesun’sharmfulUV rays. And that’s no fun! Too much exposure could lead to sun damage like sunburnand skin aging. So, make the most of your summer by putting on sunscreen faves withhigh SPF likeANESSAPerfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk, Biiore UV Perfect Face Milk

SPF50+,andWatsonsVeryHighProtectionSunscreenWhiteFaceandBodyLotionSPF 50.

·Let Skin Shine

This summer, embrace your natural skin texture bybringing out its best look through a simplified beauty routine with skinimalist products likeSnailwhite GoldAdvance RetinolEye Cream, Collagenby WatsonsWhite Regeneration Instant Finishing Cream, and Luxe Organix Miracle Repair Serum withNiacinamide.

·Eye-catching Hair Colors

Summer’s the perfect time totry something newand exciting! And that begins at the top with your hair. Explore a variety of shades of brown, blonde, red, and more with tried and tested hair color brands like BeautyLabo, Excellence, and Bigen.

·Embellished Eyes

Takeabreakfromnaturallooksandgoforsomethinghotter.Addsparkletoyoureyeswith face gems and glitters from BYS, then finish off this bold look with products fromMaybelline! Go ahead and play around—the goal here is to stand out!

Summer’s the best time to score these awesome beauty must-haves at SM Beauty!Discover more exciting products when you shop online at enjoy a fun, worry-free shoppingexperience with our SM Beauty Personal Shoppers at

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