Ultimate Guide: 10 Best Ramen in Davao City 2022

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Ramen has been a go-to food during rainy days. Its savoring warm bowl of noodle soup uplifts one spirit. Next time when it rains or just when you feel like devouring your comfort food, check out the list of the best ramen in Davao City and share your thoughts on your social media platforms.

The 10 Best Ramen Places in Davao City are listed below in no particular order:

1. Best Ramen in Davao City 2022: Life Cycle’s Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen

Life Cycle Coffee is known for its best-selling Shiro Coffee. They served affordable yet best-quality coffee that you should try. Interestingly, they ventured into selling ramen late last year. To my surprise, their ramens are not the typical Japanese noodle soup that you have tried in your lifetime.

Their best-selling ramen is the Spicy Ramen. From its pork broth to the noodles, everything is made from scratch. That’s why their ramen is flavorful and irresistible, recognizing them as the best ramen in Davao City.

Noodles are high-quality and freshly cooked. Plus, its Japanese braised pork belly, also known as Chasu, is meltingly tender, wherein its taste lingers in your mouth. I commend the generous slice of their pork belly. Last but not least, the broth is rich in flavor and texture. Plus, the ramen is stuffed with typical toppings of Moyashi (bean sprouts), Nori (dried seaweed), and Negi (green onions).

If you are not a spicy enthusiast, do not worry, they offer Hakata Ramen that you will surely not want to miss. People on social media quoted their ramen as “the underrated best ramen in Davao City .”When you plan to dine to try their ramen, please come early or call them ahead of time since they serve limited bowls daily.

Aside from ramen, they offer specialty coffees, pastries, Japanese meals, and their homemade Japanese Traditional Sake (rice wine). Enjoy the al fresco dining experience with your families and loved ones.

Spicy Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Life Cycle Coffee

Address:  Brgy. Langub, Davao City


Contact Number: 0916 193 4044

2. Ramenikko’s Saburo Butao

Ramennikko’s Saburo Butao is among the best ramen in Davao City. You will not regret eating up a ramen bowl with rich milky pork broth, marinated pork belly, and egg noodles.

Saburo Butao is a different style of milky tonkotsu ramen with black garlic oil. Its toppings are egg, narutomaki, dried seaweed, and bean sprouts. Enjoy their ramen with Ramenikko’s service tea. It is one of my personal favorite go-to ramen in Davao City since they already have a new branch near us. If not the Saburo Butao, I go for their Tantanmen and Shoyu Ramen.

If you want to try other food aside from their ramen, Ramenikko’s Mt. Apo maki is a great Japanese dish to consider. They also have Japanese rice meals, tempura, karaage, gyoza, yakisoba, sashimi, and maki.

Image from Ramenikko

Saburo Butao

Restaurant’s Name: Ramenikko


North Area: Azuela Cove, Davao City

11:00AM- 10:00PM

Contact Number : 0967 246 7241

Heart of the City: Tiongko Avenue, Davao City

11:00AM-3:00PM & 5:00PM-10PM

Contact Number: 225-6889

3. Taichou Izakaya’s Shoyu Ramen

Another ramen that you can find in both the Central and North Areas of Metro Davao is Taichou Izakaya’s Shoyu Ramen. It deserves to be on the list of the best ramen in Davao City due to the finest taste of its broth. Shoyu ramen has a different type of broth compared to Tonkotsu ramen.

According to Japanese chefs, Shoyu’s broth is made from varying ingredients, including but not limited to chicken, tonkatsu, niboshi (dried sardine), vegetable, and dried bonito, while Tonkotsu ramen’s broth is made from pork bone broth.

Taichung Izakaya’s Shoyu Ramen is one of Dabawenyo’s favorites because of its perfect salt level, and the choice of toppings gives a good complement to the overall taste. I can also attest that not all Shoyu Ramen is good tasting because some are too salty. But Taichou Izakaya did a great job serving mouthwatering ramen with a good portion of ramen toppings that most people will surely crave.

Aside from Shoyu Ramen, Hell Ramen is a must-try for a spicy enthusiast. What’s great about it is you can customize the level of spiciness depending on your preference. You can also enjoy a wide range of Japanese food cuisines to choose from.

Shoyu Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Taichou Izakaya


North Area: Nova Tierra Village, Lanang Davao City ( Near Hotel Elena , Beside Marconi Rent A Car )

11:00AM- 8:30PM

Contact Number: 0995 174 9163

Heart of the City: Suazo st. cor. Ponce st. (corner side of 7eleven)

12:00 NN- 7:00PM

Contact Number: 09097013412

4. Kaizen Davao’s Kaizen Original

Kaizen is known for its Japanese street dining destination. When it comes to ramen, they offer varieties to choose from. They have non-pork ramens, such as seafood, vegetables, and curry ramens, which are best for people who do not prefer pork-based Japanese noodle soup.

People in Davao love to dine here because of their Japanese street dining experience and, most importantly, their Japanese cuisines, including ramen. Since they started, their food innovation has continued to satisfy their customers’ different Japanese food preferences. At present, they are already serving different coffees to choose from.

The taste of their ramen is comforting for most people due to its bold flavor that fits the Filipino palate. Kaizen Original and Shoyu Ramens are their best sellers. Due to its volume of orders, expect to wait in a long queue, and based on my experience, they are not consistent when it comes to their portion of servings. However, Kaizen’s ramen is still a must-try Japanese cuisine in Davao City. I highly suggest trying their DU30 maki rolls and Butabara (grilled pork belly), dishes that linger and melt in your mouth.

In terms of service, crews are respectful. They greeted new customers “irasshaimase”, meaning welcome in Japanese, when they enter, and “arigatougozaimasu,” meaning thank you, when leaving.

To cater to all of their customers, they have food trucks in Tulip and Abreeza Mall. Get more about their food truck schedules on their Facebook page.

Image from Kaizen Davao

Kaizen Original Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Kaizen Davao: Japanese Street Dining

Address: F. Torres St, Davao City


Contact Number: 09155405645

5. Haruno Izakaya’s Beef Curry Ramen

Haruno Izakaya’s Beef Curry Ramen is among the best ramen in Davao City. A simple restaurant residing in Damosa serves a unique and authentic Japanese beef curry ramen. Its egg noodles submerge in a rich curry broth burst with umami flavor that will surely soothe your senses.

Interestingly, Haruno has mini maki rolls that are perfect to complement your ramen. I also recommended their teriyaki, the best pair with beer when you plan to celebrate your life winnings. If you are a morning person, breakfast bento is something you should consider.

Since they are near various establishments, they have a wide range of choices from breakfast to dinner to give customers varying food options depending on their moods and preferences. Some Japanese who stayed in the Metro usually dine here.

Beef Curry Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Haruno Izakaya

Address: Damosa Business Center, Damosa Complex, J.P. Laurel Ave, Barangay Alfonso Angliongto, Davao City

7:00 AM-8:00PM

Contact Number: 09055590796

6. Nonki’s Spicy Beef Ramen

Nonki’s Spicy Beef Ramen gives a different flavor of ramen, a worth slurping meal after an exhausting day or rainy, cold weather. Enjoy the perfection of the ramen, from the quality of the noodles to the richness of the broth and the level of spiciness. Order Yaki Gyoza to compliment the taste of the Spicy Beef Ramen.

People love to dine here in Nonki because, by far, they serve the most authentic premium Japanese dishes in the Metro, delighting the souls of the Japanese food goers. Their food menu is well-curated to satisfy their customers.

Nonki is not a local restaurant in Davao City. It originated from Cebu, and they currently have ten branches nationwide.

Image from Nonki Japanese Restaurant Davao

Spicy Beef Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Nonki Japanese Restaurant

Address: F. Torres Street, Davao City

11:00 AM- 7:30 PM

Contact number: 226 3058

7. Yamashita’s Tonkotsu Ramen

If you are looking for affordable ramen that will satisfy your craving, Yamashita’s Tonkotsu Ramen is something you should also consider. Enjoy the richness of the milky pork broth and the doneness of the fresh noodles. A perfect worth-slurping soup to delight and give you warmth.

Aside from ramen, feast on their maki rolls, karaage, tempura, gyoza, donburi, and bento boxes. People love how they make Japanese dishes affordable without compromising their taste. Plus, their customer service is commendable.

Image from Yamashita Diner

Tonkotsu Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Yamashita Diner- Mintal Branch

Address: Kumintang Street, Mintal, Tugbok District, Davao City

11:00 AM- 9:00 PM

Contact Number: 0949 902 7287

Restaurant Name: Yamashita Diner- Mabini Branch

Address: Door1A, Mabini Commercial Complex, Mabini Street, Davao City

11:00 AM- 9:00PM

Contact Number: 0942 056 1835

8. Kiraku’s Special Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen

Kiraku Japanese Bistro is a newly established Japanese restaurant in Metro Davao. Its Special Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen is among the best ramen in Davao City. People residing in the north area patronize the spicy tonkotsu broth made richer with sesame oil.

This restaurant is a hidden gem in Davao City. Their Okonomiyaki is cooked, similar to Osaka’s way of serving it. Gyoza is also a must-try dish when dining here.

Image from Kiraku

Special Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Kiraku Japanese Bistro

Address: Door 12 Orange Tree Building Corner Dela Pena Village, Cabantian, Davao City


Contact Number: 321 9072

9. Taishozan’s Shoyu Ramen

Taishozan is another place you can devour tasty and authentic Shoyu ramen. Its noodles are just the right texture, bathed in delicious Shoyu broth that melts in the mouth. Plus, its big serving is overwhelming.

Many of Davao’s locals love their rolls’ size and delicious taste. Most people commend their reasonable pricing amidst the generous serving.

Image from Taishozan

Shoyu Ramen

Restaurant’s Name: Taishozan Japanese Restaurant

Address: Sobrecary Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City, 8000

11:00 AM-7:00 PM

Contact Number: 0907 983 7203

10. Akiko’s Miso Ramen

Treat yourself to a different type of Japanese hot soup. Among the best ramen in Davao City, Akiko’s Miso Ramen is unique since all the broths mentioned earlier are made from Shoyu and Tonkatsu. Miso is savory because of its fermented soybean paste and seasoned to fit the Asian’s taste.

Akiko is one of the oldest restaurants in Metro Davao that serves authentic Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Their Ebi Maki is among Akiko’s best sellers. Interestingly, its ambiance really brings you a feel of Japan’s comfort while satisfying your cravings.

You can’t find many reviews or posts on Facebook but their reviews on Google are reliable. They have loyal customers who really crave their Japanese cuisines because of their distinct flavor and fresh ingredients.

Restaurant’ s Name: Akiko Japanese Restaurant

Address: Victoria Plaza Car Park, 7 Veloso Street, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City,

11:00 AM- 10:00PM

Contact Number: 222 6825

Choosing the Best Ramen Places in Davao City

Ramen restaurants in Davao City have rapidly increased over the years. Dabawenyos are always up to do ramen crawl to find the best version of ramen that can satisfy their cravings and own ramen preferences.

Depending on your location, you can find marvelous nutritious ramen to consume whenever you want. Most ramen places in Davao City observe strict health protocols when you dine in. Plus, they also have delivery or pick-up options for your convenience.

The next time you devour a whole bowl of ramen, share your thoughts and experience on your social media platforms. You can use the hashtag #BestRameninDavao2022, and feel free to mention Davao Eagle Online.

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