Top 10 Sources of Imported Coffee in the Philippines


According to World Export, countries dropped 0.6% in consuming imported coffee in 2018. Coffee is the second most traded commodity around the world.

Eurpoean countries consumed the most coffee worth $18.2 billion or 58.8% of the global total in 2018.

Asia recorded 13.6% of the total global consumption which ranked third among the countries. As Filipinos, coffee is very essential for us. Coffee has been a part of our morning. Our day won’t be complete without a sip and smell of the coffee.

Philippines imports coffee to different countries all over the world.

Top Countries Producing Imported Coffee in the Philippines

Based on the latest list of Danny Santiago, the leading countries that exported mostly in the Philippines are the following:

  1. Vietnam: US$79.3 million (Up 443.2% from 2014 to 2018)

  2. Malaysia: $4.8 million (Up 201.3%)

  3. Indonesia: $3.1 million (Up 14.1%)

  4. Singapore: $1.9 million (Up 85.2%)

  5. United States: $628,000 (Up 110.8%)

  6. Switzerland: $433,000 (Up 1,212%)

  7. Italy: $411,000 (Up 110.8%)

  8. China: $215,000 (Down -67.1%)

  9. Australia: $173,000 (Down -22.8%)

  10. Japan: $139,000 (Up 1,163%)

Among these countries,  Switzerland (up 1,212%), Japan (up 1,164%), Vietnam (up 443.2%), Malaysia (up 201.3%), Italy (up 110.8%) then the United States (up 110%) are the fastest-growing sources of  imported coffee in the Philippines since 2014.

The top four Asian countries accounted  97.4% export coffee to  the Philippines.

However, the government is aiming to wipe out importation of coffee in 2022 to help domestic coffee sector.

One of the goals of the coffee industry of the country is to expand coffee production.

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