Top 3 Summer Festivals You Should Experience in PH

Since it's summer season, let us discover the Top 3 Summer Festivals you should experience in the Philippines!

The festivals in the Philippines are a colorful and lively celebration of the country’s diverse culture and traditions. From the Sinulog Festival in Cebu to the Kadayawan Festival in Davao, each festival has its unique theme and activities, but all share the common goal of bringing people together through music, dance, and delicious food.

These festivals attract both local and international visitors who enjoy immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and experiencing the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Since it’s summer season, let us discover the Top 3 Summer Festivals you should experience in the Philippines!

  1. 1 Tsinelas Festival - April 22 to 27


    The city of Gapan in Nueva Ecija boasts of its production of Tsinelas, which are widely distributed throughout the Philippines, affirming its reputation as the Tsinelas Capital of the country. To celebrate its thriving industry, Gapan holds an annual Tsinelas Festival coinciding with its cityhood anniversary.

    The festival is all about celebrating the humble flip-flops or tsinelas, which are a common footwear choice in the country. The festival aims to promote the use of tsinelas to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Filipino people in transforming this simple footwear into an object of beauty and art.

    During the Tsinelas Festival, participants wear tsinelas that are decorated with colorful beads, ribbons, and other materials. The festival features a parade of people wearing these creatively designed tsinelas and includes other activities such as street dancing, cultural performances, and food fairs.  The highlight of this festivity, however, is the parade of Floats featuring oversized Tsinelas pairs that draw the crowd's attention.

    The festival provides an opportunity for people from all over the country to come together, celebrate their culture, and showcase their creativity.

  2. 2 Pahiyas Festival - May 15


    Pahiyas, which literally means “precious offering”, is the most colorful harvest festival held annually in the Philippines. It is a festival that showcases the bountiful harvest and pays homage to the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador. The festival is celebrated in Lucban, Quezon and is known for its elaborate decorations made from kiping, a colorful and edible rice wafer. These decorations are hung on houses and along the streets, creating a stunning display of colors and patterns.

    Apart from the kiping decorations, the festival is also known for its street food and the unique procession of farmers carrying their harvest to the church for a blessing. Visitors can enjoy delicious local delicacies such as pancit habhab, longganisa, and Lucban’s famous budin.

    The Pahiyas Festival is not only a celebration of the harvest season, but it also promotes the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. It is a must-see event for both locals and tourists who want to experience the vibrant and colorful culture of the Philippines.

  3. 3 Sayaw sa Obando - May 17 to 19


    The Sayaw sa Obando, also known as the Obando Fertility Rites, is a unique and vibrant festival celebrated annually in Obando, Bulacan, Philippines. It is a three-day event that usually takes place during the month of May and is characterized by colorful parades, street dances, and lively music.

    The festival is deeply rooted in the country's religious and cultural history, as it is believed to be a way to honor and seek the blessings of Saint Claire, Saint Paschal, and Our Lady of Salambao for couples who want to conceive a child.

    The Sayaw sa Obando festival is known for its unique tradition of "fertility dances," where participants dance in the hopes of conceiving a child. The dances are performed by childless couples, with women wearing traditional Filipiniana dresses and men wearing Barong Tagalog. The festival has a festive atmosphere, with lively music and a parade of decorated carriages, each carrying an image of the patron saint. It is a significant event in the region and draws crowds of both locals and tourists who are curious about the festival's traditions and rituals.

    The festival is not only a celebration of fertility but also a celebration of faith, culture, and community spirit, making it a must-see event for those visiting the Philippines.

    The summer festivals in the Philippines are a celebration of the country's unique culture and traditions. From the colorful and vibrant Pahiyas Festival to the religious and spiritual Obando Fertility Rites, these festivals are for everyone to enjoy during the country’s hottest season.

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