Blackpink’s Lisa, BTS’ V, and Park Bo-gum Reunite in Glamorous Affair at Celine’s Exclusive Dinner Party in France


Blackpink’s Lisa, BTS’ V, and Park Bo-gum recently made headlines once again as they reunited at the prestigious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France. The trio attended a dinner party hosted by the renowned French luxury brand Celine, leaving fans in a state of excitement and anticipation.

The event was graced by an array of A-list celebrities, and Lisa, V, and Park Bo-gum stood out in their stunning ensembles. Adorned in elegant black, brown, and silver outfits, the South Korea-based superstars radiated sophistication and style. The brand’s Instagram Stories showcased glimpses of the star-studded affair, capturing the excitement of the evening. Notably, the dinner party took place near Cannes, a hub for the global entertainment industry.

V, known for his active social media presence, took to his personal Instagram page to share moments from the party. He delighted fans by posting pictures of himself, Lisa, and Park Bo-gum, along with Chinese actress Zhang Jingyi and American rapper Future. The images exuded a sense of camaraderie and charm, capturing the essence of the unforgettable night.

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The trio’s reunion didn’t go unnoticed, as Belgium-based online magazine ENFNTS TERRIBLES also featured photographs of Lisa, V, and Park Bo-gum posing together. The images quickly circulated online, fueling the excitement among fans and garnering attention from global media outlets.

In addition to the Celine dinner party, Lisa and V were among the esteemed guests invited to supermodel Naomi Campbell’s 53rd birthday celebration. An uploaded photo by fashion magazine Elle Singapore showcased the stars enjoying the festivities, further solidifying their presence within elite circles.

This gathering marks the one-year anniversary of the South Korean celebrities attending Celine’s fashion show at Palais de Tokyo in France. Their consistent presence at such high-profile events demonstrates their status as international icons, beloved by fans across the globe.

Lisa’s rise to fame began in August 2016 when she debuted as the main dancer and lead rapper of Blackpink. Known for her incredible talent and magnetic stage presence, she ventured into a successful solo career in September 2021 with the release of her first single album, “Lalisa.” Lisa’s versatility as an artist continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

V, born as Kim Tae-hyung, made his debut as the vocalist and visual of BTS in June 2013. Over the years, he has proven himself as a multifaceted artist, releasing various solo tracks, including “Christmas Tree,” “Singularity,” and “Sweet Night.” V’s distinct voice and charismatic personality have solidified his position as a global sensation.

Park Bo-gum, renowned for his remarkable acting skills, has earned widespread acclaim for his roles in popular dramas such as “Love in the Moonlight,” “Reply 1988,” “Record of Youth,” and “Encounter.” With his talent and undeniable charm, he has amassed a dedicated fanbase and continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

The reunion of Lisa, V, and Park Bo-gum at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc dinner party signifies a remarkable moment for K-pop and Korean entertainment as a whole. Their continued success, both individually and as part of their respective groups, further solidifies their influence and paves the way for even greater achievements in the future. As they continue to captivate audiences and dominate the global entertainment scene, fans eagerly await their next endeavors and exciting collaborations.

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