Mutya ng Pilipinas organization achieves double success with second international title

The crowning moment took place at the Fern Residency Turbhe in Mumbai, marking the first-ever victory for the Philippines in this prestigious event.

MANILA, Philippines—In a remarkable feat, the Mutya ng Pilipinas organization has secured its second international title this year, adding to its growing list of accomplishments. Shannon Robinson, the second queen sent by the organization to compete abroad, was crowned Miss Environment International in India on June 15 (June 16 in Manila).

Just a month after Annie Uson became the first Miss Chinese World winner from the Philippines, Robinson emerged victorious in the two-year-old Miss Environment International pageant. The crowning moment took place at the Fern Residency Turbhe in Mumbai, marking the first-ever victory for the Philippines in this prestigious event.

Interestingly, neither Uson nor Robinson had initially been selected for international assignments when they participated in the national pageant. Uson reached the semifinals in the contest’s 50th anniversary edition in 2018, while Robinson held the title of 2022 Mutya ng Pilipinas-Luzon, equivalent to a first runner-up position.

However, earlier this year, the national organization obtained licenses for the two international competitions and appointed Uson and Robinson as representatives of the Philippines. Additionally, the organization acquired the franchise for the Miss Intercontinental pageant, where 2022 Mutya ng Pilipinas Iona Gibbs is scheduled to compete.

During the Miss Environment International pageant, Robinson not only claimed the coveted Miss Environment International title but also received the Miss Active award, which is equivalent to the Miss Congeniality title. In addition, she secured second place in the Miss High Fashion Model selection.

Among the other winners were Flora Puira from Cameroon, who was crowned Miss Flora and Fauna, and Pauline Marare from Zimbabwe, who attained the title of Miss Ecosystem. Romane Alvies from Sri Lanka was hailed as Miss Aqua, while Savannah Robyn from the United Kingdom received the title of Miss Paradigm City. Juliana Aristazabal from Colombia completed the winners’ circle as Ambassador of the Environment.

Cory Quirino, the President of Mutya ng Pilipinas, revealed during Robinson’s sendoff party that the organization is actively seeking additional international pageants where they can send their two other runners-up, Megan Campbell, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Visayas, and Marcelyn Bautista, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Mindanao.

The success of both Uson and Robinson on the international stage underscores the exceptional talent and beauty found in the Philippines. It also highlights the relentless efforts of the Mutya ng Pilipinas organization in promoting the country’s representatives and securing opportunities for them to shine globally.

As the organization continues its search for more international pageants to showcase its outstanding candidates, the Philippines eagerly awaits further achievements and celebrations on the world stage. The triumphs of Uson and Robinson serve as an inspiration for future generations of beauty queens, instilling the belief that with dedication, perseverance, and unwavering support, the Philippines can achieve unparalleled success in the realm of beauty pageants.

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