Supporting Local Artists Takes Center Stage as SB19 Fans Rally Against ‘It’s Showtime’ Comments

Amidst the controversy, there were users who defended the "It's Showtime" hosts, considering their comments harmless.

Twitter was abuzz with the hashtag “respect local artists” as fans of P-pop boy group SB19 came to their defense following remarks made by hosts of the popular show “It’s Showtime,” insinuating that the group now requires payment for playing their music.

During the June 10 episode of “It’s Showtime,” a contestant on the segment “Isip Bata” requested to dance to SB19’s hit song “Gento” alongside host Jhong Hilario. However, as the pair waited for the music to begin, they were informed by a staff member that the song could not be played. In a joking manner, Vice Ganda commented, “Naningil na sila, naningil na” (They’re now asking for a fee).

Actress Anne Curtis expressed surprise at the staff’s instruction and questioned whether playing the song on the show could be considered good promotion for the music industry. She added, “So there’s such a thing already? It’s a pity.”

Shortly after the episode, the hashtag “respect local artists” started trending on Twitter, with singer Sam Concepcion also voicing his support for artists receiving proper compensation for their work.

Music royalty, defined as payment made to rights holders including songwriters, recording artists, and intermediaries such as labels and publishers, became a topic of discussion. Thyro Alfaro, one of the winners of the 2020 Awit Awards, expressed his surprise that some people were unaware of the need to pay for using artists’ music.

Concepcion and songwriter Ito Rapadas, formerly the vocalist of Neocolours, chimed in on Alfaro’s post, suggesting that the “It’s Showtime” hosts might have been referring to something other than music when discussing copyright.

While some users understood the necessity for the show to clarify that they couldn’t play the song, they emphasized the importance of providing a proper explanation rather than simply stating that the group now requires a fee. The netizen remarked, “It sounded like ‘royalty fee’ wasn’t a thing.”

Another user gave the hosts the benefit of the doubt, suggesting that their intentions may have been innocent but their words were careless, providing an opportunity for SB19’s detractors to attack the group. The user emphasized the hosts’ responsibility to be mindful of their words since it was a nationally televised show, noting that context was missing.

Amidst the controversy, there were users who defended the “It’s Showtime” hosts, considering their comments harmless. They highlighted the fact that these prominent artists regularly promote SB19 and believed that the hosts were not tarnishing the group’s image.

SB19, composed of members Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin, burst onto the music scene in October 2018 with their debut single “Tilaluha.” Since then, they have achieved significant popularity with chart-topping tracks like “Where You At (WYAT),” “Mapa,” “Go Up,” “What?,” and “Bazinga,” among others.

The group recently released their latest album titled “Pagtatag,” which focuses on strengthening their foundation as a group.

The incident on “It’s Showtime” ignited a conversation about the importance of supporting local artists and recognizing their rights to fair compensation for their creative work. Fans and industry professionals alike emphasized the need to foster a culture of respect and appreciation for musicians and their contributions to the music industry.

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