Venezuelan Heartthrob Fernando Carillo Reveals Past Romantic Connection with Filipino Journalist Korina Sanchez

"It depends on what 'date' means, but I went to dinner with a very smart Filipino. Can I say who it was? Or are we going to get in trouble?" Carillo playfully questioned.

Venezuelan heartthrob Fernando Carillo, best known for his role as Fernando Jose in the Mexican telenovela “Rosalinda,” recently made waves during his visit to the Philippines. While captivating his fans with his undeniable charm, Carillo dropped a surprising revelation by admitting to having a romantic connection with broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez in the past.

During a recent episode of the talk show “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” which aired on June 8, Carillo was questioned about whether he had ever fallen in love with a Filipina. Although the Latin actor responded negatively, he confessed to always being captivated by the beauty of Filipino women.

“I don’t think I have fallen in love with a Filipina,” Carillo shared, “but I’ve always been attracted to the beauty of Filipino women. I’ve met some very beautiful women, and I keep meeting beautiful women.”

Host Boy Abunda then inquired about Carillo’s dating history with Filipino women, to which the actor admitted to going out for dinner with Sanchez and a group of friends. It’s worth noting that Sanchez is currently married to former Senator and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, with whom she shares twins.

“It depends on what ‘date’ means, but I went to dinner with a very smart Filipino. Can I say who it was? Or are we going to get in trouble?” Carillo playfully questioned. “I have huge respect for Korina Sanchez. She’s a good friend, and I respect her very much.”

Although Carillo didn’t delve into further details about their dinner, he revealed that it took place during one of his previous visits to the Philippines.

“We did an amazing interview once upon a time in Miami, and then I came to the Philippines once. And we went to have dinner with some friends. Maybe that, we can call it a date. But she’s a dear friend whom I respect and admire very much,” explained Carillo, who is currently married to a woman from Colombia.

In addition to his personal revelations, Carillo shared that his current visit to the Philippines involves endorsements and the launch of a reality show aimed at creating a co-ed singing group.

Carillo rose to fame after starring alongside Mexican superstar Thalia in the 1999 telenovela “Rosalinda,” where his character portrayed a man of high social status. The immensely popular Mexican drama was later remade in the Philippines in 2009, with Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann taking on the roles of Rosalinda and Fernando Jose, respectively.

In 2012, Carillo signed a contract with Viva Entertainment to further expand his career in the Philippines, solidifying his presence in the local entertainment industry.

As Carillo continues to leave his mark on the Philippine entertainment scene, his past connection with Korina Sanchez adds another intriguing layer to his story, sparking the curiosity of fans and followers alike.

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