Jane De Leon Transforms into Mythical Mermaid in Alamat’s ‘Day and Night’ Music Video

The music video, which was uploaded on Alamat's official YouTube channel last Wednesday, June 14, showcases De Leon in the role of Magindara, a mythical mermaid believed to reside in the waters of Bicol.

NEWS BITE: Ivana Alawi Delights in Davao: Vlogger Extraordinaire Explores Bankerohan’s Culinary Delights

During her visit, she couldn't resist the allure of Paz Eatery Bankerohan, a renowned culinary destination. Ivana, who was in town to document her adventures for her vlog and participate in a special occasion, made sure to indulge in the delectable offerings of the famous eatery.

7 Filipino Comic Book Characters That Became Cultural Icons

Through their adventures and characteristics, these characters continue to resonate with Filipinos of all ages, reminding them of the power of storytelling and the enduring impact of imagination.

Issa Pressman Celebrates Birthday with Rumored Boyfriend James Reid and Loved Ones

Issa Pressman, the popular Filipino actress and model, recently celebrated her 26th birthday in a private and intimate gathering surrounded by her loved ones....

Supporting Local Artists Takes Center Stage as SB19 Fans Rally Against ‘It’s Showtime’ Comments

Amidst the controversy, there were users who defended the "It's Showtime" hosts, considering their comments harmless.